Intuitive Consultation

Transformation/Healing & Wellness Coaching

We will be taking a journey together to identify limiting beliefs, old fears, and stories running in the background that have been influencing your life causing suffering. Only when we bring awareness to these can we begin to build a new foundation of empowerment, trust, and high self worth. We are knocking down the walls and forming the blueprint that will help you build your dream home ready to withstand any storm from the outside. One that you are in love with and proud of.

I will show you powerful ways of cultivating the mind, being present, feeling your brilliance, restoring your self worth, and discovering the immense potential you possess. I will help you to discover the power that’s been eagerly awaiting for you to arrive and finally be utilized. One of my gifts is intuition; I hold a space where insights and other important teachings can come through during our conversations.

I find these are the messages that a particular person may need to hear at that exact time in order to help things “click.” Or to plant an appropriate seed that will lead to massive growth.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is seeking and calling forth more for their life. People who know that they have WAY more potential than how they've been living and are serious about healing themselves mentally and emotionally to become the highest expression of their being.


  • Anyone suffering from a low sense of self-worth, out of control/negative thoughts, wounds of the past, self-sabotage, anger issues, lack in confidence, feeling fearful or stuck, trouble moving forward, addictions to the old limited self, and forgiveness issues.


  • Whether you're a working professional, a high school student, or someone at any point in their journey who feels ready to go beyond what they've experienced thus far and truly desiring to transcend their old limitations/belief systems to unlock the full capacity of what's inside each and every one of us; this is for you.



I recommend the Bundle Pack of 4 (one call per week for each month) simply because this work requires consistency. Just like going to the gym, if you’re not consistently keeping the new qualities of being at the forefront of your conscious mind it won’t strengthen and become part of your subconscious (automated habits). One call can help set a powerful foundation but the following interactions begin to beat a brand new path in the heavy brush of your mind.

THESE ARE HIGH IMPACT CALLS with deep energetic downloads and perspective shifts. It is my mission to serve you in every way that I possibly can to the point where you're able to generate everything you need from within.

Here's what I'm offering: 

  • Four 60 min calls/Skype/Zoom (Mindset Coaching, Intuitive Consultation, Releasing Stuck Emotions, Oracle Reading, Your Own Personalized Guided Meditation & Full email/Text support)

  • Two 60 min calls/Skype/Zoom (Mindset Coaching, Intuitive Consultation, Releasing Stuck Emotions, Oracle Reading & Personalized Guided Meditation)

  • 1 Hour call/Skype/Zoom (Intuitive Consultation, Coaching & guidance on next steps)