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Why I’m Here

I began my journey of healing, personal development, and spiritual awakening 7 years ago when I found myself at the lowest point of my life (often our greatest teachers and energetic catalysts). Through the experience of reaching rock bottom mentally and emotionally; I realized very powerfully why I am here on this earth. That is to bring transformation, joy, expansion, harmony, and discovery of the infinite power within to anyone who is seeking more in their lives. I am here to offer you intuitive guidance, insights, and support in creating a new inner reality that will transform your life experience in a very powerful way.

This is my passion, this is my heart, this is my help people discover the power within. I DREAM of living in a world where people are excited to wake up everyday, aligned with their passions, being excited and fascinated with life all while falling in love with it over and over again. For people to be constantly discovering and seeing what else is possible for them as they keep transcending old limitations.

There are many people waking up to their truth and living this way all over the world right now. The ONLY difference between you and those people is that they believed it was ACTUALLY a POSSIBILITY for them .The joy I receive from someone opening up to their potential and moving towards it is indescribable. This is a life we all deserve and it’s up to us to claim that OR we can keep claiming one of fear, lack, confusion, control, and dis-empowerment.

We can choose right now to write a new story of our lives or continue to do the things that are supporting the old one that you've grown tired of. I offer everything I have learned in my own journey to make your transition easier and more enjoyable in every way that I possibly can.