#22: Living in a World of Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, does your reflection tell me all…?

Mirror mirror on the wall, does your reflection tell me all…?

Is the world, this life we experience, is everything and everyone simply mirrors in which the universe is reflecting back to us what’s inside of us? A holographic reality? Are we reflections of the energy we’re broadcasting out all around us, the frequency we’re holding within us, and the vibration we’re resonating at? We’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you give” or, “when you point the finger there’s three more pointing back at you, “So within, so without.”

We’re having reflected back to us the energy we’re giving out in the form of people and experiences that show up in our lives. If we are pretending we are a certain way on the outside but are truly unhappy, angry, and depressed on the inside, then the universe reflects THAT back to us. There is no hiding the truth. When we blame or point the finger at someone else, are we really just pointing out aspects within US that we don’t like or refuse to acknowledge?

People will often say to these ideas something along the lines of they are a good person and do nice things for people but yet they continue to have all these negative experiences and bad people showing up in their lives. People sometimes say things like, “I have a good heart why can’t I catch a break!?” The funny thing about mirrors is that they don’t lie. You can lie to yourself but the mirror will not and cannot.

Really look within yourself, are you in fear? Do you have beliefs that you’re a powerless victim of life? Beliefs you’re not good enough or deserving of good things to come into your reality? Fears of being the REAL & AUTHENTIC YOU in front of others or fears of FAILING or being let down? Fears that you’ll be alone in life and people who love you will leave you at some point? Beliefs that life isn’t fair, life is cruel, the world is a dark place? Really dig within yourself and ask these questions, become aware of the different fears and beliefs that have been unconsciously controlling your life. We have to be completely open and honest looking at these deep parts of ourselves because THIS is what the mirrors are reflecting back.

Take a look at the people/experiences in your life, are they reflecting back these beliefs and fears to you? Are they validating them and making you say, “ I knew it…I told you so.” Or, “This would happen to me it’s just my luck.” My BELIEF is that the fears in your life are being ATTRACTED directly to you in order to FACE THEM HEAD ON. They will KEEP being attracted to you like a magnet until the challenge is overcome. Why is that? Well it would make sense that if we are indeed INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS incarnated into these finite physical vessels, we would do so for the purpose of learning and overcoming challenges. We often hear the phrase, “LIFE IS A GAME.” When you come from a place of Divine Perfection where you’re aware of everything as soul energy, wouldn’t it be fun to give that up for a short time and dive into the density of the physical world for the challenge/experience of physical life?

As humans we LOOOVE a good challenge. Obstacle courses, Spartan Races, Marathons, mountain climbs, Sports, scavenger hunts, you name it…This is a representation of our soul that is animating our bodies and it loves to play and overcome a good challenge. Just like your favorite superhero or video game character that you move through levels on your Xbox with. In the same token, that character in the video game cannot go to the next level until he beats the Boss/Villain/Challenge at the end. They will have to play that level over and over again until they overcome. All of these things are a micro (individual, human) representations of the macro levels (soul, universe). These characters in the movies or video games are aspects of US. Life will force us to keep replaying the challenges over and over until we learn the lessons to advance to the next levels!

When you have thoughts all day long that involve negativity, self-doubt, fear, anger, or depression you are lowering your frequency (your electro-magnetic resonance). You are an energetic magnet who will attract experiences and people of LOW FREQUENCIES into your life UNTIL you become aware of this and begin changing your thinking, heal your mind, and OPEN YOUR HEART! It’s so simple but yet so complex and our brain loooves complexity… it won’t believe it could be that simple but IT IS.

Opening your heart is the answer to this, moving from the intellect into the feeling space is where you turn this all around by discovering your truth, the REAL YOU. The mind is just a collection of experiences and memories over our life time (a record of the past) and we base who we are and everything we know off of that. It is limited in that way. The heart is not.

When you open your heart you connect yourself to the world and everything around you... all the people, the plants, the animals, the environment, EVERYTHING. The more your heart is open you are guided, you give from a place of generosity without expecting anything in return, you feel and sense the pain of others that allows you to be compassionate instead of impatient. You see the good in people, the potential, the perfection that got buried deep below suffering, pain, and negative influences. You feel grateful for what you DO HAVE and not think about what you are lacking. As you open your heart you raise your frequency and begin attracting HIGH FREQUENCY people and experiences into your life.

So as you contemplate this message I invite you to become aware of what is being reflected back to you in your day to day. What feelings are coming up? What kinds of people are coming into your space? Earlier this year I participated in a Plant Medicine Retreat in Guatemala with an incredible group of people from all over the world. One of the guys playing music for our ceremonies said something that really stuck with me regarding mirrors… “We were all born these incredible & shiny mirrors reflecting the beauty and perfection of life. As we grow up, these mirrors get covered in shit by our either our parents, cultural influences, or environments. Pretty soon we can no longer see the beauty and perfection of our being we started out with. The spiritual path is beginning to clean the mirror so that we can see our TRUE reflections again.

Your awareness and your thoughts are your Windex in this life. Use them to clean your mirror allowing you to see your TRUE MAGNIFICENCE once again.

Much Love!

#21: The Hero's Journey Pt II--Finding Your Buried Treasure

buried treasure.jpg

Deep at the bottom of the ocean that is our essence lies buried the treasure of all treasures. A treasure that sat on the shores of our being to access at any time the moment we were born. A treasure that is not money, material possessions, or any kind of social status but a treasure that is our wild imagination, our magic, and our pure hearts. It was slowly buried by the sands of time as we became subjected to the density of our environments and its influences. We inherited beliefs of limitation and fear sending this treasure to the bottom of the ocean.

Our soul, the infinite consciousness that animates our bodies carries the map no matter how deep it gets buried. It has the GPS location and turn by turn directions to it at all times. The map leading back to our treasure is a divine puzzle to pull us out of our Amnesia and back into our essence, our truth…that we are each uniquely divine consciousness that are part of the whole who are having a physical experience. We are meant to find it again, we are meant to remember, we are meant to go on the hero’s journey…

This treasure is divinely purposed to be placed at such depths that only a leap into the unknown is the way to begin the path towards it. Each of us holds a longing for this treasure, this gift, but are not necessarily aware it is even there. We sense it in our hearts. Faith is required and there is no way around it, so beautifully orchestrated it is. It would make sense we would have to embark on an epic quest to find ourselves and even have a chance of being with this treasure again. We would not be here if it was easy. Our spirit comes from perfection into duality to take on this challenge, this game, to put together this puzzle again. We must walk through our shadows, our deepest fears and our darkness with the light of our soul illuminating the path. This is the premise of the hero’s journey.

We subconsciously all know it is part of us, part of our innate design, and in fact we are obsessed with it. It is the plot line for every movie we see in Hollywood, every fictional book, every play. Author Richard Rudd refers to it as the archetypal trinary time-flow woven into the very structure of humans. “There is some kind of initial fall from grace, followed by a journey of discovery and trial, and then culminating in a final redemptive victory.”

We are the most captivated by stories of people saying yes to the quest, an event happens in the unlikely hero’s life that serves as the catalyst for their journey to find that hidden treasure… to solve the mystery. They set out to find meaning for their lives, to answer the question of who they are and why they are here. They experience the death of the old self with it's limiting thoughts and beliefs to then rebirth into the true self. The metamorphosis similar of a caterpillar to a butterfly. We must not be afraid to allow this natural process to unfold.

Right now we are culturally OBSESSED with Super Hero movies. Ever wonder why that is? Why Marvel is making billions portraying these hero stories? We’ve almost been conditioned to the point where it’s adequate to WATCH others go on their journey but stay in a bubble of comfort and not trust in ourselves or in something greater. Conditioned to stay in the bleachers as a spectator rather than being on the field of life itself. What if Bruce Wayne went into a depression and took heavy doses of anti-depressants when his parents were murdered instead of becoming Batman? What if Neo had taken the Blue Pill? What if Bilbo said no to Gandalf and never found the ring?

We all are faced with a choice, different periods of time in our lives will send a sign, a signal, a whisper in the wind, coaxing you out of your shell, out of the box you have placed your UNLIMITED BEING in. The body and the heart lovingly will send feelings of discontentment, anxiety, depression to tell you, “Hey, something is out of alignment, it’s time to change what we’ve been doing.” It’s a Divine phone call waiting to be answered while we sit on the couch and ignore it.

I’ve noticed that there’s been some kind of agenda in our culture to program us into putting all of our focus on safety. To understand my point look at the restrictions at recess now for kids compared to 20 years ago. Also look at how we gave up so many of our privacy rights and were lead into a WAR in the Middle East in the name of “Safety for Americans.” Obviously safety is appropriate for many things but it has lulled us into a passivity and obsession of being comfortable. It has stripped us of our quest in life by programming to stay in a safe place with a safe routine. The unknown is regarded as wildly scary and unpredictable…it is better to stay in safety and comfort.

The ancient tradition of a Rite of Passage has been stripped from us but yet the inherit desire to experience it still lies within our ancestral DNA. Today’s Rite of Passage in America is go to College, pick an area of interest you’re vaguely intrigued by for a major, bury yourself in debt, graduate and get a job making cold calls or selling insurance. I don’t mean to sound condescending I’m just saying there’s no part of that experience that strips us down to our core… that tests the fortitude of our mind body and spirit. Nothing that pushes us past our perceived limits and into discovering the depths of our being...our true potential.

The Earth is constantly travelling through the unknown parts of our galaxy that is has never been, we naturally are going along with it but we try to stay in the same place in life which goes against the natural order and flow. Imagine if the earth was fearful of entering into new territory? It knows nothing else other than it’s natural order and trusts where it’s going and then WE..inhabitants of the world have such a hard time surrendering and trusting in the unknown. It’s ancestral fear, it’s deep rooted fear of a survival mindset of our ancestors. WE...US like the earth we live on must give up the control of where life is taking us and learn to flow with it just as the earth does in the galaxy.

If you’re reading this I invite you to just take a second for a deep breath. Feel your divinity, feel your power in your solar plexus (your gut) and the love in your heart. You have everything you need. Trust yourself, trust your guidance, and be open to whatever comes your way with enthusiastic curiosity. Remember your wild imagination, your magic, your wild heart that lives within you waiting for the invitation to be with you again every day. For YOU, are meant to rediscover your treasure and share it with the world, that is why you are here, that is what the world needs from you. To set aside your fear and jump onto the wild horse of your spirit and take that ride into the unknown.

#20: A Time to Go Within


The 2nd half of July and early August I have been on a hiatus. It was an important time to go within and get into some deep contemplation of where I was at and where I wanted to go in this life. The realization that occurred to me was just how selfish I had been in a number of ways for a long time. I made a powerful decision to forgive myself for all past transgressions and to put all of my focus on the service of others in my greatest capacity first and foremost from this point forward.

Coming off of one of the most powerful medicine ceremonies of my life in Sedona back in mid-July, it required some isolation, integration, and time in nature for contemplation. There were also 3 eclipses in the month of July. Eclipses can be such a powerful time of energetic downloads not only for receiving but also releasing. It’s an important period for all of us to take time out and really ask ourselves, “What aspects of myself are no longer serving me and I’m fully ready to let go of in this new stage of my life?” We also want to identify the ways of thinking, acting, and being we want to really embody as we write this new script for our lives.

It may be helpful to share some of my own to give you an idea of what I mean by all of this so you can start to come up with the ones personal to you. Some of them may even resonate on a deeper level within yourself as they may be things you’re looking to call in or let go of as well.

In this time of my life I am becoming a human being of my own creation, my own design. I am powerfully calling in and embodying the person I desire to be and letting go of any parts that DO NOT SERVE ME. I no longer will allow experiences of the past dictate the way I am as a person.

I AM LETTING GOof all fears of being seen or heard or living my life based on what other people think of me. I will no longer allow myself to be disempowered by the thoughts of what others might think about me as I express my truest self.

-Feelings of guilt and shame for not having done enough in my life to serve humanity & honor my spirit. All feelings of impatience for not being where I’d like to be in all areas of my life. Impatience towards others and myself in all ways.

-Laziness (misuse of your limited divine time on this planet) (opposite of love)

-Not being honest with people or myself, standing in the fires of my truth even when it burns the hardest.

-Doubt in myself and not believing I deserve the things I desire in this life. All forms of self sabotage that take me off my path or make me feel out of alignment.

-Being reactive and judgemental. Overthinking and overanalyzing rather than feeling.

-Lacking self-discipline, giving into impulses that aren’t good for me, decisions for immediate gratification my future self wouldn’t appreciate.

-Abusing my body with not getting proper sleep, eating foods my body can’t use for fuel, not drinking enough water.

Ways of being I am calling in to my experience to embody and live by

-Strength, confidence, and being grounded in myself everywhere I go. Being aware of the energy I’m carrying and uplifting the energy everywhere I go rather than sucking it away with negativity.

-Being a better listener, asking more questions. Being PRESENT throughout my day in all situations.

-Being compassionate towards everyone, giving more hugs, compliments, inspiration, smiles. Spreading joy

-Taking strong action when I am inspired in the moment

-Having full love and belief in myself that I have everything I need to live a life I am in love with.

-Being in a full state of allowance, feeling the feelings that come up and not running away from them or escaping. Letting go of attachments and control over everything, trusting the things that happen in my life are for my evolution.

These are just a few of the MANY I’ve come up with for my life. It’s really helped to revisit these so they are in my conscious awareness. There is also a level of magic to this. Science will even tell us now that our genes are constantly shifting and turning off and on. This means we can change our blue print at any time with conscious intentions. WE are either writing our scripts or we are letting our environments and others write it for us. I’ll do a whole other blog on that soon.

I wanted to write this to share why I have been off grid for a little while and to let anyone reading this know that I will be writing more than I ever have and delivering the absolute best of what I have in me to all of you moving forward. So much love and appreciation to anyone taking the time to read this, I hope it’s able to water any seed that might be just about to break through the soil of your soul.

Go forth and live your best fucking life my beautiful friends...That’s why you’re here!

#19: Awareness is Everything: Take Back Control of Your Life

higher awareness.jpg

Years ago, my younger brother and I did a 7 day tracking and survival class run by a man named Tom Brown Jr who is a world class outdoor tracking & survivalist expert and Author. Apart from his endless wisdom of surviving in the wilderness he was also a Shaman and one of the most captivating speakers I’ve witnessed. One of the things he said that stuck with me through the years is something he would repeat over and over again throughout the week, “Awareness is everything, always be aware.” A guy like Tom Brown repeating something as much as he did about being and staying aware, I knew this was important. I didn’t really understand why at the time…now I do.

 Awareness of our thoughts, choices, behaviors, and the environment around us is the key to living the lives we day dream of. With awareness, we become the observers and we can see for ourselves what schools of thought along with behaviors are no longer serving and making us feel good. Awareness is self-mastery, it is truly knowing yourself which is a puzzle we’re all trying to put together in this life... figuring out who we really are.

 When you are aware, you are in the moment and noticing and feeling everything going on inside and outside of you. It is the listener behind the constant chatter of the ego. It’s the awareness of your breath being shallow (when stressed) then taking deep breaths to bring more oxygen to your brain. It’s the awareness of how you’re feeling and showing up in the world. It’s knowing when your old stories and negative behaviors are playing themselves out right in front of you so you can stop them in their tracks.

 “Oh look I’m acting like my father use to when he was angry,”

“I’m lashing out like I did for attention as a little kid, how can I correct this?”

“The last time I ate this Twinky I felt like shit and I’m not allowing myself to do that again this time around” (drops Twinky in the trash).



 We gain back our true power the more we become aware and out of our minds. The awareness of your emotions, how you’re affecting others, your thoughts, your actions, and even your diet is crucial in self-development. When we are not aware, we allow ourselves to be ruled by automatic behavior and thought patterns that were imposed on us from different environments and past experiences in life. We allow the old stories and ways of being to control us and keep us in the past. When we are not aware we feel stuck, helpless, and trapped in a mental prison with no way out. The brain is a record of past experiences and everything it knows comes from that place. Often our mind is a broken record of negative thoughts regarding our past or the future. When you have awareness of this you can then begin to reprogram your mind in way that serves you.

 You begin gaining your power back when you start becoming aware of things like, “Oh Ok my thoughts are getting out of control or wow I’m getting lost in my mind again now time to get present and breathe and be aware of what’s going on around me.” If we are REALLY honest with ourselves we can see that most of us are living pretty UNaware or UNconsciously meaning that we allow the same suffering to occur again and again day after day thinking and acting in the same way but wanting something else (insanity). Some people will say, “Oh no I’m aware of this problem but it still happens!” That might be true to a degree BUT how often are you aware of the choice or thought while it’s happening and you STOP yourself in the act to choose something different??? That's the real test of awareness.



 -Awareness of other people and how you make them feel and the beauty that lies beneath the distortions.

 -Awareness of your body. How is it feeling...what does it need…what is it saying?

 -Awareness of your actions. Did this action make me feel good, did I feel more in alignment with myself or did it take me off the path and make me feel unbalanced or a sense of disharmony. This gives us a better sense of engaging in behaviors that take us off our path so we consciously know it before we do it again.

 -Awareness of when we’re judging circumstances/people/ourselves...is there something within me that needs to be healed and that’s why I’m judging others for it?


EX) sometimes I judge people who are plugged into their phones but I know that I find myself in that space quite often. I also judge people sometimes who lack empathy for others but then I’m reminded of times when I do the same thing.

 -Awareness of any depression, frustration, anger, lack, scarcity, when they’re occurring in your mind… observing them like a scientist with a lab rat. Not attaching to them but accepting they are there, noticing them, and being aware of what they are teaching.

 -Awareness that these emotions are just showing what’s out of balance and what needs attention inside of us.

 “Oh look I’m really sad and filled with doubt in myself… What caused that feeling? Thank you feelings of sadness and doubt for showing me that I need to love myself more and do things that I know will make me feel good. You are not bad feelings you are really wonderful and effective communicators trying to bring me back into a coherence…a balance.”

 When you become aware of these truths you stop judging certain feelings as bad and you stop fighting them, denying them, attaching to them, or believing them.

 -Awareness of when you’re sinking into victim mode (which is only a place of disempowerment, non-action and wallowing). The awareness identifies what’s happening then YOU DECIDE on what to do about it from that point.

 -Awareness of what annoys you, makes you scared, makes you tick, basically anything that brings you out of balance



 I write this and FULLY ACKNOWLEDGE this is not easy work. This is real fucking self-development. Many of us are scared or ashamed to observe this stuff within us because we’re afraid to see just how unconscious we’ve been and that can be a scary truth to finally witness about yourself. The term shadow work in the self-mastery world relates to this idea. The shadow aspects of ourselves that are sabotaging our life experience are lurking in the background and we let it because we’re afraid to bring it into the light and acknowledge that it’s part of us.


My big scary shadow was anger. I pretended it wasn’t there. I pretended I wasn’t having thousands of angry thoughts every day. Thoughts of getting revenge on people that hurt me or beating the shit out of anyone who messed with me! I just allowed them to be there and kept telling myself I’m a nice guy but then I could feel it when certain things in life would make me tick and I’d keep swallowing it down! I refused to have the awareness of it being there because I wanted to focus on the nice guy projection everyone thought I was. Once I became aware of just how angry I was at the world, myself, people who wronged me, my parents, my brothers, my body, all these things I could finally acknowledge it and bring it into the light to heal. The full healing came with the awareness of how I was feeling and my truth. I was AWARE that I didn’t want to feel that way anymore and that it was time to heal it. 

 I'll do a whole other post on healing the shadows because that's another big conversation but in short it starts with acceptance and acknowledgement. Counter intuitively it's a process of thanking it for how it's served and then deciding it's no longer to be part of your life.



 -Meditation: taking just 10 minutes at some point throughout your day to focus on your breathing and observe your thoughts. I know you've heard that a million times but it's one of the most important tools you can add to your toolbox. Get rid of the story you can't do it or it's hard, it's necessary in this crazy world of over-stimulation.

 -Writing down and identifying your bad habits, the things that annoy you or piss you off, the things that make you fearful, KNOW WHAT THEY ARE and visit this list often. Don't judge them as bad just know who they are.

 -Set a timer a few times a day to stop what you're doing and just notice everything going on around you, how you're feeling, what's the energy of the place you are in.

 -Get in nature as much as you can: it heals you, it clears your mind, it has elements that allow you to feel present. A hike in the woods, a mountain trail, a walk on the beach, whatever you have access to.

 -Ask yourself at the beginning of each day how you want to show up, who you want to be, how you want to act.

 -Know your values: have a mission statement for who you are and know what's the most important to you. It's your blueprint for life. Stop letting life be a random occurrence each day that you have no power in.

 These are just a few simple ways but I will also do another post relating to techniques on these methods but this is just to give you an idea of where to start. As you gain more and more awareness knew insights will be shown to you, new inspirations, opportunities, and ideas will present themselves when you allow them to. You are in a state of allowance when you are in the moment and not up in your head thinking about things. When you are unconsciously up in the mind all day you're inbox is full you have a out of office sign up to the universe trying to send you information. 

 Know who you are, don't let needless suffering be a part of your life, take your power back my friends. Much love to all of you on this journey!

#18: Claiming Your Place


It's the PERFECT time to begin claiming WHO WE ARE in this life. Claiming what is within us, what we wish to create, the experiences of life that we seek, and the power inside. Claiming our love, our joy, our creator-ship, and our place in the world. We are what we claim. We are what we claim and what we allow; the thoughts we allow and the stories of our mind that drive our behavior.  We claim who we are in each moment through our thoughts, words, and actions. We’re claiming every day whether consciously or unconsciously. If we are making the same choices and taking similar actions we are claiming that we want to keep experiencing life in that way.


It’s also a beautiful time to stop claiming what is no longer serving us and start claiming what we are ready to let go of. This is an opportunity to look at our deepest fears; seeing and understanding them for what they really are…teachers with beautiful gifts on the other side of them. Becoming aware of the daily loop we may find ourselves caught in so that we can claim that we are moving beyond what WAS into what IS. Support and guidance follows you with your new proclamations. Your heart and your mind wrap around them in preparation for something new. The reality around you shifts. 


Too many of us have claimed so little. We have been claiming just little pieces of the vastness of who we are. Programming of guilt and shame has left us feeling we don’t deserve to claim something greater. We lurk in our shadows of low self-worth.

Our DNA gets activated when we begin making claims for something more and the giant inside begins to stir as the remembrance of the truth starts coming back. The hypnotic state begins to lift like a curtain revealing the treasure that has been there all along waiting to be claimed.

 I claim this life as my own. I claim my freedom and my deepest expression. I claim ease and flow, I claim allowance for the highest potential of my being . I claim my divinity, my creative abilities, my intuition, my truth. I claim my healing of body, mind and spirit. I claim my abundance of money, inspiring thoughts, beautiful relationships, good feelings, fun experiences, and perfect health. This is the new way. I claim my presence, my awareness of truth, my power over any part of my mind and neural connections rooted in fear. I claim my power to move beyond any limitations. I claim miracles in my life, I claim my magic, I claim my expansion, I claim my magnificence. I claim clarity, I claim my wisdom, I claim momentum towards living a life of fulfilment and happiness.

 I release impatience, thoughts of lack, fear of the unknown, anger, being a victim, confusion, apathy, frustration, and negativity of any kind. I chose to be here, I am here for a beautiful reason, I have an amazing role to play, I am expanding to something greater everyday for myself and everyone around me. Incredible times are here now and on the horizon as I make claim this everyday.

#17: Infinite Possibilities and the Potential Within

infintie possibility.jpg

Inside all of us and around us are infinite possibilities…infinite potential. Every thought, every decision, every choice is energy being produced that is then broadcast out into the Quantum Field or the electrical field of All That Is and imprints it in a very certain way. If you start consistently broadcasting out a new energy through new thoughts and new actions, you begin to stamp down an energetic path in the Quantum field. As the Law of Cause and Effect tells us, when we do this we are changing our experience of life from what it’s been to something very new. It’s bringing the pen to a blank sheet of paper instead of re-reading the same story day after day.

If we could acknowledge the fact that each of us has the ability to change our lives not only for ourselves but everyone around us for the better, the world would shift very quickly. We are all connected energetically, we are all co-creating this reality together whether we understand that or not, and we’re all playing some kind of part in this cosmic movie. The amazing thing is, in this movie WE get to decide if we want to stay as extra’s in the background who people can barely notice OR one of the stars that plays a big role.

We are multi-dimensional beings and what I mean by that is we have the ability to be in different places through our minds from where we actually are at physically. Through thought and action we are constantly jumping in and out of different realities, new paths are being formed in our physical world, and everything is rearranged constantly. Doors leading to different directions are opening and closing every moment. That time you put off doing that thing you wanted to do just to be lazy on the couch…maybe you missed the timing on running into the right person or circumstance to elevate your life. How many times in our lives have we either been in the right place at the right time or just missed a golden opportunity? The wallet we left on the counter that we realized after driving halfway down the street can shift everything. It can either lead to the perfect timing or take us away from it. It can help us to avoid an accident that would have happened or even get into one.


Because the more you think the thoughts and take actions that bring you into alignment with where you want to go, the more you experience the synchronicities of being in the right place at the right time rather than just missing it. The doors that lead you to beautiful new experiences start opening more and more for you because the Quantum Field reflects back an abundance of opportunities that will lead you to where you want to go. You HIGHLY increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time the more you are broadcasting your energy at a higher frequency. This means the more grateful, the more joy, the more at peace, the more present, and the more loving you feel, you are creating so many possibilities for yourself by matching those vibrations. So knowing this, the goal is then to know what you want then staying on a higher vibration and feeling good as much as you can. Start your day proclaiming that you will feel good and choose that as your day goes on no matter what comes up!

A hug given by a stranger can provide someone the energy to turn their entire day around changing their state to be happy and uplifted which will then lead to everyone that they interact with getting a positive experience. Then all of those people go out feeling good and spread that energy to other people they engage with. The results can be MASSIVE! If you’re someone who is intentionally going out and spreading good energy and sharing high vibes with other humans, you’re making an enormous contribution and you may not even realize it. It seems so simple but it’s so profound.

Rippling effect of our thoughts and actions

We’ve all heard of the butterfly effect but I don’t think many people have fully grasped how real that is. It’s like through all of your thoughts and actions you’re constantly creating ripples in the ocean which then go on through eternity. When a bug gets caught in a spider’s web its movement sends a vibration throughout the whole thing letting the spider know wherever it might be. If we are all in an energetic web of consciousness we are constantly sending out these vibrations that will affect everything else. Knowing this we then have to become responsible for what we’re broadcasting on a daily basis. We are either lifting the collective vibration of the world or adding to the suffering.

My point is, each of us carry such a massive (infinite) amount of potential inside even if you don’t know exactly what your talents or passions are yet. When we become aware that our thoughts, choices and actions are constantly shifting our reality and what we experience then we become more mindful of what we’re doing and stop just being reactionary to everything.  If someone told us and we believed it with certainty that the more we give of ourselves and share our brilliance the more opportunities we create… our experience of life would dramatically shift. If we can understand the massive potential of each human being and the effect they can have on so many others then we choose to see below the distortions they might be displaying on the surface level and offer them love and encouragement which is the fastest way to transform pain or suffering.

When you become aware of the implications of your thoughts and actions there is a sense of responsibility that come with that and many of us would like to avoid it. We don't want to take that on...it seems too heavy, too much work. What if everyone thought that way? How would the world change? How would we move forward and end so much of the suffering we have on this planet? It's a WIN-WIN to me. When you start taking actions and thinking in new ways you shift your energy up and all of a sudden you have new exciting experiences, new amazing people come into your life, ideas coming flowing through you that you weren't able to access before...why wouldn't you want that?!

You have to ask yourself what old thoughts and beliefs am I holding onto that are keeping me from doing this? Is it the responsibility I'm avoiding? Is it the bigness or the being seen? If you're reading this right now it's time for you to let that go and step into what's been waiting for you all along.

Setting yourself up for greatness

Doing things in the morning that make you feel good and help you to walk out into the world with a positive attitude and in a good mood will produce MUCH different results than just waking up and rushing out the door. The better we feel, the more we love ourselves, the higher the energy we are emanating from within, the more the doors of reality open to us that will lead us in amazing directions that are in our highest alignment and highest joy. Ideas and creativity that was blocked energetically can flow through.

So, the more we smile, make others feel good, and share our good energy we actually open up WAY more possibilities of amazing things to come into our lives. When we go into our shell and close off to the world and think negative thoughts about ourselves and others we close many of those doors and begin to even then attract more negative feelings. Your one compliment, hug, smile, joke, dance could be enough to stop someone who was thinking of committing suicide, it could lead to that person treating their kids better or deciding to do something nice for someone else. Higher consciousness spreads like wild fire, the more good we do, the more we increase our energy and good things start to shower us and flow into our lives with ease when we come out of the negative mindset.

When you can internalize and fully understand this you then make it a priority to do whatever will put you in this state. We operate at our best in all areas of our life when we feel good so it’s up to us to do the things that make us feel that way and then bring that out into the world. Don’t wait to feel good make it happen for yourself!

Even if you feel overwhelmed or find yourself in a bad situation in your life or just have no idea where to start, this is exactly where you begin and everything else falls into place. Start by smiling at people more, start by letting your friends and family know how much you care about them. Look for ways to lift other people up. The world is changing right now but it’s still very early on and we need each other for a boost. I think one of the best things is when someone I don’t even know says something nice to me. We can be that person that smiles and high fives a person on the street, we can choose to clown around with the cashier at the grocery store (God knows they’d love to interact with someone outside of the robotic transaction mode) We can use social media to send people messages of encouragement… hell you could be a troll for good! (a gnome)? Oh no it’s fine I’ll see myself out…

I’ll now ask you, what are you doing today that is in support of the new story you want to create? What are you doing today that is going to open up more doors of opportunity for you? How are you showing up today that’s going to lift up someone else? Are you doing things that are making you feel good inside or are you going back to the destructive habits that keep you in a low state where the door are closing? These are the big questions we can ask ourselves to bring awareness in when our old stories try to keep us small, unseen, unheard, and in the same familiar place. Today, I invite all of you reading this to start asking these questions daily and watch the reality around you start to shift very quickly with the new energy you’re putting out.

Don’t be afraid of being who you are meant to be, shine your light, claim your highest potential and embody that every day!

#16: Choosing Higher Consciousness

higher consciousness.jpg

For a long time, the majority of humans on this planet have been in a collective state of low consciousness. We fight and kill each other having little compassion and understanding for one another, the planet, the animals, and its resources. We’ve separated ourselves through race, gender, political/religious views, sexual orientation, and mental health to name a few. Through many different influences over time we came away from existing in unity as human beings on a life journey to then being broken into all these different categories of separation.  


Low consciousness is a breeding ground for emotions like frustration, apathy, anger, jealousy, and overall fear. It’s a survival mindset where there is so much fear that we can only think of ourselves and getting by with no consideration of others.  It’s reacting to everything with no thought or intention. In low consciousness, you make poor decisions because the awareness of what you're actually doing is so low. Making decisions that sink you lower, keeping you in that lower state of being, interacting with the world and yourself from an unloving place.

In survival mind, you focus on what threats and dangers are around you instead of the blooming flowers or the singing birds. You separate yourself from everything else and live in a shell that is safe which cuts you off from the magic and spontaneity of the present moment. You become disconnected to the highly intuitive/intelligent body by eating processed sugary foods that make you feel like shit constantly along with getting little to no exercise, and little to no learning and stimulation the mind with reading or writing or creating anything. Complacency and laziness take over. You never slow down and ask yourself, “why am I doing this? Is this good for me? Is this making my life better? How am I affecting those around me?”

In lower consciousness you complain, you talk shit about people, you focus on everything that’s wrong, things you don’t have, and life being unfair(VICTIM MODE). You look for the worst in others and think they’re out to get you. You think there’s not enough to go around in the world and you’re OK with stepping on other people’s toes to get ahead. All of these things drain your energy significantly. You feel tired constantly, stressed out, and you beat yourself up over feeling this way. You feel trapped, disempowered, you lash out at others, and you don’t want any help.

Lower consciousness is cutting yourself off from who you really are and the infinite energy and abundance all around and inside of you. It’s a stagnant swamp where the water is collecting bacteria and dirt rather than being clear, flowing, healthy and life supporting. Mosquitoes are born in stagnate water not butterflies.

Across all religions there are men and women who are revered as saviors, prophets, messengers of God who walked this earth all preaching the power of love, forgiveness, compassion, and unity. Ironically, most of them were killed. People like Jesus, Ghandi, Socrates, and Martin Luther King were examples of very high conscious people walking on a planet that was in very low consciousness which is why they were killed. They were humans that showed us the potential we all have.

Lower Consciousness is the reason we still have WAR on this planet and millions of starving, homeless, and abused people in all different areas of the world. War can only exist and be tolerated in low vibrational energy and consciousness. If WE ALL did the inner work to come back into the harmony and the truth of ourselves it would raise the consciousness level and war literally could not exist, it cannot be part of a high frequency collective energy. We won’t see that world until we all take responsibility and embark on our own personal evolution.

Getting to Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness is forgiving someone when they hurt you, it is slowing down and seeing the pain of others that are rude to you, it’s making an intentional effort to always take the high road. It’s looking for and expecting the best in all things. It’s loving ourselves so that we can love others. It’s seeing everyone around us as different versions of ourselves having their own journeys. It’s making choices that bring you joy and make you feel good. It’s getting out of your head and being present and inspired by each moment noticing the world around you.

Here is an powerful high level example of higher consciousness embodied in the world: The 2015 Charleston Church shooting at an African American church where a white supremacist shot and killed 9 people during a bible study. The survivors and victims’ family members each took the stand at court with the shooter right in front of them and each began to forgive him for what he had done. “She taught me that we are the family that love built," she said of Middleton-Doctor. "We have no room for hating, so we have to forgive.”

Forgiveness is what transforms hate to love and invites more of that onto the planet. It turns anger into compassion. Forgiving ourselves and others brings healing to our bodies and our minds rather than let the toxic energy of hate and anger to circulate throughout our system day after day. That is what lowers our vibration leading to diseases and holding back our evolution.

This type of thing is SO counter intuitive to the Ego that only wants revenge, fight back, cut deeper and hit harder to those that have hurt us or loved ones. Our strong egos create difficulty to make choices that are of higher consciousness; it’s going against pretty much all of the programming we’ve adopted along the way. Someone cuts you off in traffic you honk your horn and curse the person as you allow anger to flood your system leaving you in a state of low consciousness. When you stop yourself from the reaction, accept what happened, and move on with forgiving that person…that is an act of higher consciousness. You’re keeping yourself in a high state of feeling good rather than letting yourself sink lower because of an external circumstance.

As you raise your consciousness you start to make an effect on the quantum field that connects everything. The decisions you make when in a low vibrational mood or attitude bring with it certain potentials, outcomes and effects on other people compared to choices you make when you’re in a loving, grateful, joyful, and centered mood or attitude. We are constantly hopping in and out of these different dimensions opening and closing all kinds of doors without even realizing it. The better we feel, the higher our vibration, the better and more loving thoughts we have that lead to better feelings and choices.

Higher Consciousness is feeling good! Think thoughts, make decisions, and take actions on all things that make you feel good. One of my favorite Law of Attraction speakers Abraham Hicks calls it, “staying on the high flying disc, the high vibrational vortex.” Think about a day when you were feeling in flow, everything was working out, you were spontaneous, you could talk to anyone, you made good decisions, it was like the world around you was giving you more things to feel good about. The more we intentionally CHOOSE to feel good above anything else, the more days we can have like this and it becomes possible for us to experience this EVERY DAY! It no longer has to be this one off random day of feeling like that. You can choose that for yourself every single day.

The more you practice it the more you’ll raise your vibration and attract like a magnet more high vibe people, circumstances, and experiences. Making this choice is not only transformational for your own life but it is an incredible contribution to the planet. You are making such a significant impact on everything around you when you choose to feel good and focus on things like joy, appreciation, compassion, humor, love, beauty, creativity, and abundance. It will inspire people around you, it will be adding to the healing of the collective low consciousness, and you’ll be coming more into alignment with who you really are.

We all need lower consciousness as part of our experience so that we can understand what higher consciousness is. I think we’ve all had enough lower consciousness in our lives to grasp the differences so now it’s time to start choosing High Consciousness every day making it a life time commitment. It’s up to each of us, one personal revolution at a time, to fix this planet and help it to reach its highest potential. A planet where war

#15: The Wave of Change and the Hero's Journey


There’s an interesting energy going on in this planet right now. I think many of us can feel it, some are picking up on it subconsciously, and others might even be in denial of it. Issues that have long been suppressed starting to show themselves. Pent up energy and emotions individually and collectively erupting all over the place which I think Hawaii and the Volcanic activity there are very symbolic of. We’re seeing this in the political arena, the economy, and socially with gender and racial tensions.

From the outside it is seemingly chaotic but I don’t see it that way at all. In fact I observe it with a smile and welcome it. If you look at history, these times of disorder and civil unrest have ushered in some of the most substantial changes for good our country and the world have seen. You simply cannot have a smooth transition from old systems, beliefs, paradigms of reality that no longer serve humanity to newer more empowering ones that work.

Change never does come easy which is why for so long we have resisted it. The Forests destroy themselves purposely in wild fires to replenish the soil allowing more life to be born. It’s a cycle of death and rebirth. Old energies, policies, and an understanding of the world and who we are dying to create space for all of the new ways based in LOVE not FEAR.

It’s a time of confusion, unrest, inner confrontation,  and tension. We have the option of either riding this wave and understanding its necessity by focusing on the amazing things that will result from it OR we can experience it through the lens of fear and focus on the chaos.

We’re now seeing an outdated, industrial age, left brain oriented education system failing today’s youth and demanding reformation. We’re starting to finally see an outdated two party political model that no longer works. We’re seeing a debt based monetary system that serves the minority of people start to be counteracted (cryptocurrency). Plants that were once a cause to lock people in cages are now being legalized and used for medicinal purposes. People are coming off prescription meds and seeking hollistic/alternative means of healing outside of the pharmaceutical industry in mass numbers. We’re seeing the 9-5 corporate structure that keeps people away from their children and pursuing they’re passions begin to be redefined. The prison system and how we police our citizens is finally hearing a public outcry for change. People are shifting their diets from processed, low vibrational, and nutritionally lacking foods to much more healthier organic options. People in mass numbers are flocking down to Peru and other sacred places to elevate their consciousness and discover their true self with plant medicines. Meditation and living in the present moment is starting make its way more and more into our lives with inviting us to come back to our hearts rather than staying in the mind. Quantum physics is rewriting out dated Newtonian/Darwinian science showing that we thrive in cooperation not separation!    

There is a strong and much needed energetic shift of transformation and change going on. Old energy that has long been present on this planet allowing people to be controlled out of fear is giving way to a new benevolent energy of TRUTH and LOVE.

Individually I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE! We’re having to face the demons of the past in order to move forward from fear to freedom. We’re having to finally confront emotionally and mentally what we’ve been avoiding in order for each of us to reach the next levels of our development. We’re having to look at relationships to see if they are serving our highest good.  We’re having to look at old ways of thinking, being, and acting so we can let go of what no longer serves. We’re having to confront old habits and addictions that keep us from reaching our potential.

We’re shedding our old skin like a snake, a hermit crab that’s leaving their out grown shell to move into a bigger more accommodating one. We’re being called in this new energy to transcend old perceived limitations and stretch ourselves more than ever. We’re being asked to follow our hearts and have the courage to let go and receive the guidance of our souls to lead us to the next step. We’re being asked to awaken from the unconscious state of apathy, complacency, and survival mind to one of intentionally living and creating authentically.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and have a negative/fearful outlook on the world. Thinking we’re so small we can’t make any sort of impact at all. However, when we say YES to our own personal evolution and doing the work to reprogram ourselves in the way WE choose, we create a powerful ripple into the cosmos. We change everything around us in the Quantum Field (Electrical energy field connecting everything) where all potentials exist WHEN we begin to change ourselves for the better. We alter realities, we shift timelines and outcomes by changing the way we think which in turn changes the way we behave. This has a tremendous affect/impact on everyone around us inviting them to participate as well. Each of us who has the courage and love in their hearts to take on this personal transformation is playing an active and very important role in changing the world.

It is not an easy path. It is one of personal destruction, allowing the old self to die for the new one to be reborn. It’s letting go of the old and starting the process of learning and perceiving everything in a new way. Having to face your deepest darkest shadows of the past can be very challenging and scary.

As a culture we are obsessed with the hero’s journey. We spend millions of dollars on seeing movies and reading books where the hero goes through their transformative process. It’s the Heroes Tale where something in life causes them to take the journey,  going up against incredible odds, getting knocked down constantly but getting back up, magical people/events give them assistance and wisdom along the way. Then at the end, they conquer the villain who was keeping them from what they want in life. Life is now asking for us to to say yes to our own hero’s journey and stop watching others do it.

The are risks of course but the rewards transcend any of them and make it all worth it. It’s a life of freedom from reactionary behavior, sporadic uncontrolled thoughts/emotions, and low sense of self worth to one of expression, deliberate creation, and a constant state of happiness.

In this wave of immense energetic change we have the free choice to resist it and try to hold onto the old. But remember that what you resist persists. You will see the same issues cycle over and over until you learn the lesson and choose something better. It’s the school of life pushing you to the next lesson or the next stage of development. Life is expansion and growth so naturally when you try to stay where you are you’re fighting against the cycles of life and meeting a lot of RESISTANCE. It’s the video game level that you can’t possibly beat by playing it in the same way over and over. Ask yourself, “How can I approach this challenge differently? What new actions can I take that are different from what I’ve been doing? What can I let go of that’s holding me here?”

Ultimately, it is a thrilling time to be alive. A time I am so thankful to be apart of while we shift from the dark to the light. A time that is really calling us to come together to let go of our differences and be who we really are underneath all of the distortions. Give yourself time to reflect on what’s going on in your life and begin to think about where YOU WANT to go…what brings YOU JOY so you can start to move towards it. Smile and welcome the adversity who has come to help you grow for you would not get there without it!

#14: Abundance--The Key to Unlocking The Prison of Lack, Scarcity, and Limitation


We live in an infinite universe with no beginning no end. The energy inside of each of us is infinite…eternal.  Just take a second and really think about that, feel it, your an energy that is and always will be. Through programming and conditioning from the time we were just children, many of us have developed beliefs systems and perceptions of lack, scarcity, and limitation of ourselves and the world we live in. We’ve come to see and experience reality through the perspective of not having enough or that we could lose something we’ve gained.

We’ll place our focus more on what we don’t have than what we do rather than being grateful for what is already there. We have attachments to things we fear to lose. Abundance is constantly inviting us to become aware of it, to see it everywhere, to feel it. Abundance is always offering a helping hand to lift us up and out of lack and fear but we just don’t see it right in front of us. There is an abundance of colors everywhere, abundance of ideas that can transform our lives, abundance of choices we can make, abundance of beauty all around us to focus on every single moment of every day. When you make the conscious effort to start focusing on abundance, it will make itself seen everywhere you go just like when you buy a new car and you then start seeing that same model car all over the place.


Abundance is consciousness. Lack and scarcity is automatic, it’s old learned behavior. We have to actively look for abundance and consistently invite it to be apart of our experience. Just like we had scarcity programmed into us to be our default mode we can program abundance to be our new default with intention and conscious effort. We can train our minds to feed us thoughts of abundance, gratitude, joy, and love rather than fear, worry, and stress. You have to know and believe it's possible to do this. It's the same concept as the person who knows and believes it's possible to lose weight and dramatically transform their bodies. 


What does Lack and Scarcity look like? How does it show up?

 Lack is the person who thinks they could never do a certain thing (limitation). Lack is the person speaking in front of a crowd or even a small group of people and gets stuck in their head thinking they’ll forget the material (lack of confidence, ideas). It’s the person who’s afraid to approach someone they’re interested in thinking they could run out of things to say. It’s the business owner who pours his energy into what the competition is doing and telling himself the story that it’s “tough out there.” It’s the person who lives their life with the story that money is evil, hard to come by, or that life HAS to be a struggle. It’s the person who gains property, success, relationships but worries that they could lose it all. Scarcity in relationship is jealousy, control, and restriction of the person you “love.” There is NO LOVE IN SCARCITY, it is the lack of and absence of it!  Love is freedom, love is unrestrictive and boundless. Love is allowing the people in your life to be who they are and not trying to control them. If you can accept that one day all of your possessions will be gone anyways you can detach yourself from them and put your focus on knowing you’ll have what you need when you need it.


Scarcity and lack are emotions and thought forms of fear. Fear is a vibration...one of the lowest vibrations. A vibration that will lock you in a prison of your own creation. You become afraid to take chances, put yourself out there, test yourself, try new experiences, and be your authentic self. You think people will steal your ideas or people will get ahead of you. Walking through life with this vibration will surely help you experience all of the things you fear. It’s unnatural.


Lack/Scarcity in Business: In my early 20’s, I lived in a progressive little city in Boston with a lot of history and known for it’s dives, microbeers, and authentic quality coffee shops. Across the street from my apartment, a coffee shop had recently opened that I would stop by every now and then. Everytime I spoke with the owner, he always looked stressed out. He would tell me about how competitive it is and how tough it was to have a successful coffee shop in this area. There was always some sort of complaint or something going wrong. Not surprisingly they closed their doors and boarded up the windows after only a few short months. Not long after, another owner came along and opened a coffee shop in the same place. I went there on their grand opening and spoke to Andy, Andy had a vision, he was excited to be in that spot, he wanted to deliver people quality coffee and have it be a place where people would hang out and connect with eachother. I talked to him many times in the first few months and never once did he mention competition or things being tough. He held tight to his vision and believed it would work out, he had the abundant mindset. On weekends, the lines were out the door and down the street, this place flourished. He even opened up another location in the same city!


In Relationships: When I experienced my first long term breakup I was devastated, I thought I’d never find love again which I know most of us that have gone through breakups can relate to. At the time you think you won’t be able to find something better. You’re deep in the well of scarcity. Scarcity will keep you with a person you’re constantly having problems with even knowing that it won’t work out in the end. You hold on and keep trying to get back together because you’re afraid you can’t find better. You think there isn’t another person out there like them or maybe you won't be able to find someone as attractive or understands you better. However, with a mindset that is Jedi trained in Abundance, you know the truth, your soul knows there are SO many better opportunities out there for you. Limitless people who will love you for who you are and the more you believe that and love yourself you will attract them very quickly! The saying there are plenty of fish in the sea is dull and simplified but it’s absolutely true. The lack minded person won’t even cast a line into the water because they think there are no fish left, the abundant person throws in the net and fills it up! They know and trust there are plenty of people out there who will love them the way they are seeking. In fact most failing relationships are occuring so that you can finally make your way to better more fulfilling ones!


I am Abundance and Abundance is me

 It is not an easy journey to work through the lack mindset of old deep beliefs that support it. They’ve been operating in us for a years and years. For me, the more I find time to quiet my brain and get control of my thoughts and start using them intentionally by being present, the more my soul reminds me of the abundance all around me. I love the body, I have so much respect and adoration for it, but I know it is limited, I know it can only operate from past experiences. That’s why it’s been really important to acknowledge my soul, my essence, who I truly am inside the space suit, the meat wagon. The thing that is listening to the inner dialogue. We overthink and make things so complicated that we have a hard time believing we could just ask our soul for answers to problems. The soul that is the energy that makes up everything and is everything. Our beliefs block us from accessing that power. A power that is here as part of our life experience waiting for us to tap into it.


To me, the more we fall away from the truth of who we are and get stuck in our bodies, the more stressful lives we lead. The less present we are, stuck up in our heads, the lower quality of life. We can all agree some of our best moments were moments of supremely PRESENT. The mind was out of our way and we were experiencing the fullness of the moment. Our soul is spontaneous, creative, joyful, always expressing. It’s that epic speech that is delivered from the heart where the words are just flowing pure consciousness, the performance by the athlete that wins the gold medal despite huge odds, the dancer whose mind steps back allowing the soul to flow through and move the body in perfection, the musician who surrenders to the song blowing everyone who listens away. Half is the battle is letting go of learned resistance/struggle and ALLOWING the abundance to flow through naturally. 


Our bodies are housing an infinite energy that makes up all things... we have limitless creative abilities. The universe is abundance. Look at nature that is a pure reflection of that. The blades of grass, the grains of sand, the earth continues to feed and house over 7 billion human beings! A sunflower produces thousands of seeds. We look up at the night sky and see an abundance of stars. We have an abundance of joy, happiness, love, and freedom always available to us if we choose it. We have an abundance of good emotions that can last throughout the day if we choose it. Being aware that abundance or lack is a choice that we are constantly making every moment of every day. Every one of us has the knowledge and information in our energy fields to create an incredible life we love. We all have the ways of making millions of dollars, some of us can tap into that and others can't access it because they are locked in the prison of scarcity. 


Abundance is part of our world, it's there whether we experience it or not, it's always going to be there. We can either choose to focus on it and be aware of it... or not. We can consistently invite it along with us on the journey or we can consistently invite fear, worry, and stress. One dance partner is far more pleasant than the other. Abundance is freedom, lack is prison. Are you thinking thoughts that give you a sense of freedom? Are you making choices that help you feel free? Are you taking actions that enhance your levels of freedom? Life offers resistance and contrast through fear and limitation only to help us transcend it to something much greater.


Ultimately it is up to us to accept our prisons we've created mentally or to move forward with love towards a life of freedom in all areas.

#13: Today is Fucking Special!!

meditation picture.jpg

Today is fucking special; it’s not like the others. There’s no event, adventure, vacation, or anything planned that’s finally arrived. Nothing has changed dramatically in my environment; everything is in its same place. Today is fucking special because I decided to welcome it in a way that I have not before. I am seeing this day as an incredible clean slate to work with, a beautiful blank canvas to create on, not a replica print out of the day before or the day before that.

Today is fucking special because I am thinking brand new thoughts I haven’t had before. I am doing things in new ways, breaking old familiar patterns, slowing things down, putting my left foot down on the floor instead of the right, doing a spin, making a funny noise, playfully slapping myself on the ass. Today I am realizing nothing from my past really matters AT ALL, today right now, the choices I make, the thoughts I think, and the actions I take are what matters. How I welcome in this brand new day and how I show up in the world TODAY is what matters.

I can notice the beauty around me, the colors, the trees, the building designs, the smiling faces of people, or I can be inside of my head and lose out on seeing that beauty all around me. I’m experiencing all of my senses intentionally; the sights, the smells, the sounds, the tastes, and the feelings. I even loved the weed whacker that woke me up from the gardener next door instead of getting pissed. Today, I sip my coffee a little bit slower tasting it more.  Today, I am appreciating the interactions I have with people no matter who it is. Today, I feel how blessed I am to be here during such a special time of awakening and a beginning of a new cycle on earth.


Today, I look in the mirror and smile my widest smile, loving the color of my eyes, my unique facial features, the welcoming expressions I will wear like a new hat I can’t wait for people to see. Today I ask my body what it needs, I ask my soul what it needs, rest and relaxation? Or creation, expansion, and inspired action? Today easily COULD have been like all the other days but I chose to stop myself before the subconscious patterning machine kicked in. Before the computer with its automated programs kicked in I stopped and rebooted it in a new way.

Today I downloaded a new program for my hard drive that makes me happy and starts this day off with me feeling amazing and grateful for all that I have. Maybe I fucked up yesterday, did things I am not proud of, hurt others, was lazy, or slouched around. Maybe I didn’t take any steps forward to make this life a better experience. Maybe I sank further into a depression or addiction. Maybe I didn’t take responsibility. But today I accept all of that, I accept where I’m at, and the choices I’ve made, I accept that others might not understand, I also accept I’M HERE FOR A REASON.


Today, I finally look at the mountain before me that previously looked impossible to climb. The mountain that I kept telling myself I’d conquer and reach the summit of one day. Today is special because I took my first step onto it and paused thinking, “Why did it take me so long to…doesn’t matter.” Then I met that step with another and I was ON the mountain. The climb I had avoided for so long, was so intimidated by, and scared shitless of, was underway. I had finally realized if my current self didn't have the courage and discipline to start this climb then what the hell would make my future self have the courage and discipline to start? 

 The journey had begun, I said yes to myself and yes to beginning the climb. I felt my future self grinning and whispering "THANK YOU." The mountain smiled down at me as if to say “I’ve been expecting you.” There was no going back. Today is fucking special!

#12: Insecurity (The Ego Vs. The Infinite Self)


One of the things I wish I had learned and internalized early in my life is how to deal with a concept we like to call insecurity. Defined as a lack of confidence or having doubt in oneself, or instability…having no security within. Having a self-esteem that is like a tower of cotton balls that can get blown over by any adverse weather. Many people are suffering from this SELF IMPOSED disease; yes it’s a disease (the mind and body are not at ease harboring these thoughts).  Yes I say self-imposed because that’s exactly what it is. Some point towards cause and effect and some might say that it was imposed on them from family members or friends or society but ultimately it was your choice to hold onto that story and let it run your life. We may have been unconscious to when it was programmed into us but we have a conscious choice to transform it. When there isn’t a solid foundation of love, appreciation, and acceptance for our bodies we are easily dominated by our environments and we don’t feel safe. We are all literally light houses that can shine easily through any storm, we just forget that’s our true capacity.


Almost all cases of insecurity are illusions of the mind. Something happened, you created a story around it, and you retreated within allowing fear to take over. When you experience life everyday through fear it’s almost impossible to enjoy yourself or have fun. It takes all of your mental energy; you’re always on defense looking for threats to avoid. You find yourself exhausted at the end of the day and wonder why you’re so tired! This fear of your perceived imperfections or flaws becomes stagnate energy in your body that builds up over time and becomes strong complexes that you begin to believe.

For me it was my looks, finding every flaw I could on my body and concentrating my thoughts around what I didn’t like, looping it day after day. I was living my life filtering my reality through the lenses of ugliness, finding evidence for it everywhere instead of beauty. As a result of that, I would look for ugliness in other people and the world around me to make myself feel better.  

 Part of the human experience is dealing with insecurities, no one can escape that but we can change our perspective on what it is, how to deal with it, and that part IS in our control. They show up in different ways, you spot flaws on your body or your personality and magnify them under a microscope. Your mind then forms stories around them of what’s wrong. It’s funny because you actually point them out more with your body language and project the things you DON’T want people to notice but they actually become clearer as a result. Maybe you’re balding, you’re shorter than you want to be, your nose is a little crooked, maybe you’re overweight, you have skin blemishes, big ears, whatever it might be. The focus then becomes on the things we don’t like and things we don’t have.

That kind of focus starts to show up in all areas of our life spreading like a virus and we attract more experiences and thoughts we don’t like. The energy of these negative thoughts becomes stagnate like a swamp in our bodies building up to manifest into a disease or anxiety. Yes our thoughts can and are making us sick.


Insecurity is born out of a lack of love and appreciation for your body. The same incredible body that keeps your heart pumping 2000 gallons of blood per day, you’re lungs taking over 23,000 breaths per day, you’re brain sending millions of electrical signals for everything to function properly, constantly fighting all sorts of crazy bacteria and invasive germs to keep you healthy.  Your body does all of this for you without you even having to think about it! To say thank you for those wonderful things, we assault our own bodies with poisonous negative thought forms which is like filling up your Prius with diesel fuel.


Symptoms of Insecurity: Neediness, envy,  wanting validation from external sources, trying to control others, afraid to speak the mind or stand up for oneself, being a critic in any regard, complaining, attention seeking, letting others walk all over you. It’s also thinking you don’t deserve good things, blocking your energy by putting your focus on what you see as flaws. Focusing on what’s wrong rather than loving and appreciating what’s right. We show up to the mirror EXPECTING to find something wrong and be disappointed. It’s really just an old way of thinking. An old program running in the background like an app you don’t use that’s draining your smart phone battery! The funny thing is, the more we love and support our bodies and feed it empowering grateful thoughts, the more we shine, the more we radiate our beauty from the inside out. When you start to shift your thoughts about how you think of yourself, the world around you responds, you start getting validation from the outside world reflecting the changes you made within. You realize the world is a mirror reflecting back your energy.



 The EGO is a false sense of self, it can never be fully satisfied, it’s perfectionist, it can be hurt or damaged by words of others, and it can be incredibly sensitive and fragile. The INFINITE SELF, the animation or spirit that drives the body like a race car through this life experience, knows none of that. When the EGO tries to have control and take our focus away from the truth or the infinite self, we start seeing the insecurities pile up within us. It’s like the child who pouts and cries just to get attention. It feels entitled and feels like it deserves to have whatever it wants. When we become aware of the two versions of self we can start to acknowledge and surrender to the infinite self, the one that has a foundation that cannot be shaken by anyone or anything.

The self that just IS. The SELF that doesn’t need any outside validation or approval knowing everything can be generated from within. When we are operating from the present moment we are embracing our infinite self, we allow it to dance in that presence. The Ego understands from a limited perspective of past experience where the infinite self has access to everything. The more we can surrender our ego and walk through life as the infinite-self and knowing that’s who we truly are then the more we peace we experience. As the infinite self becomes more present in our lives, the insecurities start to melt away like snow in the spring sunshine. You can look at the insecurities as just piled up snow blocking our flow of energy and the present moment is that sunshine that melts it away allowing the river to flow naturally again. The infinite self is what remains when the snow has disappeared.

 EX): When I was in middle school I walked into class one day and like 6 kids had their chins scotch taped to make it look like they had “butt chins” to make fun of how mine looked. The ego that is insanely self-conscious was crushed by that and deeply upset. I think back on that now from the perspective of my infinite self and it’s absolutely hysterical! If I had known that back then, I would have laughed with them and taped mine up to exaggerate it even more! The Infinite Self says “I fucking love that chin that’s part of the body I was blessed with and am so lucky to have.” The inflated weak ego wants to get a plastic surgery to fix it and make it more visually appealing.


What to do when you feel insecure

 Look in that mirror, see the old thoughts that don’t serve you anymore come up and wrap your arms around yourself and say out loud “I love you.” See the child, the little YOU that is scared, fearful, hurt with all of the insecure thoughts of shame or guilt or sadness that you shower them with daily. This is the child that knowingly stepped into the world of fear, confusion, comparison, hate, manipulation so that you could be who you are today. Love that child, tell him/her everything is OK and you’re here to protect it now. No longer will you abuse it with negative thoughts or being ashamed. Mirror therapy as some call it can be SO effective. Sometimes if you look at yourself long enough, you get teared up seeing the person looking back at you whose trying their best and getting no love for it instead just constant abuse…from YOU!


Your presence is everything, that’s what people around you feel, it’s your magnet. If you are in victim mode or think you’re ugly, you will get that validated from the outside world in response to what you are projecting from within. You will find more reasons and evidence to think that way of yourself. If you have love, appreciation, and joy for who you are in every aspect, others will see you in the same light.

 The obstacle is the way; once we can find appreciation for these flaws and accept them, we free our energy to flow into love and compassion for ourselves. We return back to the childhood state where those thoughts didn’t exist and we saw one another from what was inside of us. Begin to change your internal dialogue, be gentle with yourself, allow the child inside of you to flourish. Show them it’s safe and give them the sunshine they need for the seed to grow into the mighty Oak.

#11: Engaging with Your Reality & Participating in the Game of Life

class participation.jpg

I believe there is a massive correlation between happiness and engagement in our everyday lives. When you engage or interact with the world around you while being present to everything going on, you feel like you’re up to something. You’re participating in the game of life. Just like in the classroom, most times the students who raise their hands, engage in the discussions, and are asking the questions tend to be the ones who do the best. They tend to excel way beyond the hungover kids in the back trying not to be noticed and staring at the clock every two minutes. The same applies to life. Just like professors who would favor a student who participates in class and adds to the conversation, I think life rewards those who are engaged and participating in it as well. Rewards in the form of opportunities showing up, synchronicities (being in the right place at the right time), and a general feeling of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Money is success in obtaining wealth but not success in life. Having money might buy you more life experiences but with all the money in the world and little engagement you don't feel successful. Many people who obtain all the money they thought would buy them happiness realize they still feel empty inside when they get there. We've all heard this before.  

 When engaged consistently with life, you’re not just doing the same routines or aimlessly walking around each day and worrying about something or indulging in thinking that brings you completely out of the present moment. How many times do we walk by and miss the chance to appreciate a beautiful blooming spring flower because we are thinking about things we need to do later?

 Engagement with your environment is raising your hand to life and saying I want to be part of this thing. I want to be aware of the beautiful things all around me and notice them more often. Engagement in life to me equals happiness, it can be thought of as a measure of success. We animate reality with our engagement and attention levels to all the things going on around us. We bring the environment that we’re in to life when we’re present and aware of what’s happening. Inspiration is all around us everywhere we go but we get so in our heads we can’t see it dancing in front of us inviting us to play. Engagement with reality energizes us, we feel noticed, and we feel like we’re in the arena of life instead of in the bleachers as spectators (thanks Landmark Forum). It’s like the kid sitting at the edge of the playground watching the others playing and having fun.




When you reflect on your life, are not some of your most vivid memories the ones where you felt the most alive? The most present? Where nothing else mattered, all of your focus was on what was happening right then and there. I recall times of being chased by cops as a kid late at night when friends and I had snuck out of the house to go ding dong ditching (love that term) as being the most alive I ever felt. Or playing in a high pressure sports game in front of tons of people, or laughing so hard my stomach hurt making prank phone calls in middle school. Or being in a drum circle at 4am wine drunk in Italy having a blast. Or sitting by the fire in a snowstorm with my family talking and sharing stories. All experiences I can remember of feeling the happiest I’ve ever been sure enough were when I was fully engaged with life and in the moment.




We live through our feelings and when we’re not engaged and do things that are mindless, allowing ourselves to be distracted; we don’t get those BEING ALIVE FEELINGS. If you set a goal and start taking action towards it you start to feel successful and that’s because you’re DOING. The person who has the idea to start their own business then starts taking actions towards building that feels successful because they are creating something without worrying if it will fail or not. When you’re a spectator of life you’re not creating. Engagement can be in all different forms whether that’s through interacting with people, taking a walk outside noticing what’s around you, reading a book that you’re trying to learn something from, or even dancing in your kitchen to Back Street Boys. It’s anything that’s experiencing life in action.


You can turn a trip to Starbucks into an awesome experience by noticing things around you. You can find things to compliment people on, you can make amusing comments to the barista that show you’re not another mindless manikin doing a transaction.  You can be having fun and expecting to create joy everywhere you go. I was giving a Lyft ride the other day and a woman asked how I was doing, I replied with what came right in that moment, “Ya know what I gotta say I’m doing fantastic, I’m healthy, I’m happy to be here, working towards the dream life, how are you doing?” The energy of that took her by surprise but she responded in a very similar inspired way and we went on to have an absolutely awesome conversation for the next 25 minutes until I dropped her off.

We laughed towards the end when I mentioned it was crazy that if I had just gone with the standard, “I’m doing well how about yourself?” We probably wouldn’t have had that type of conversation and made the connection we did both feeling great at the end of it. That was being engaged with life and with the people in it and it lead to an awesome interaction. There are endless possibilities all around us that we can decide to animate or watch them disintegrate (I gave myself a pat on the back for that one).



 Watching TV is one of the biggest distractions that take us away from playing the game of life. What are we really doing while watching TV? We’re watching someone else play it, someone else taking action and following their dreams doing things that make them happy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very cool stories and content that educates, stimulates, and inspires you. It can be nice to veg out and be entertained every now and then but it’s about finding a balance. Many of us fall into the trap of being so mentally drained by the end of the day and week that we spend all of our free time watching the TV. We’ll spend our cherished “free time” watching a full 14 hour season of Breaking Bad. That to me is sitting in the back of the classroom of life hungover and trying to be unnoticed.

Being a spectator in the bleachers watching someone else being great. If you find yourself reading this and trying to defend that (I would have at one point) ask yourself and be really honest if it made you feel any better about your life or about yourself after that Netflix binge. “Well now I know how to make a Meth Lab in my basement so I learned something.”

 On the opposite side of engagement there’s the, “Am I going through the motions on a daily basis trying to get through the shit I have to get done in order to get to my relaxation time at the end of the day?” Or, “Am I just settling and accepting things are gonna suck and I just have to get through it?” I noticed this a lot when I was working in an office environment, I was just getting through the day, I would go into meetings thinking this is a waste of time, this is going to be boring, I hate these meetings etc…I was setting the table through my expectations and thoughts for how I would welcome and experience these things and for some reason I was choosing to slug through them hoping I wouldn’t have to contribute in any way.


I had the thought recently…why the HELL am I choosing this? Why am I painting the picture something is going to suck before it happens? What a shitty practice! It shows up so much in life, whether it’s a meeting with your boss where fear comes in and you assume it’s bad news, interactions with people you assume will be negative and difficult, or going to a family event you don’t feel like being at. Even when waiting in the seemingly hellish purgatory of the DMV line that hasn’t updated its technology in 74 years. It only sucks because we’re deciding beforehand that it will.  It’s become a pretty normal thing to expect things to not be fun, joyful, or a learning experience of life. Instead, we’ll think it’s going to be mundane, boring, stupid, a waste of time, or stressful.

Holy shit you walk into an office on Monday morning and it’s like a funeral. Happy humpday on Wednesdays…are you fucking kidding me? We’re saying out loud that the weekdays suck so bad that I have to point out we’re halfway through it and almost to the weekend. That’s the reality we’re collectively going to accept? Really, that’s how you’re going to live the rest of your life? That sounds a lot like prison sentence where you serve your 5 days a week and get parole on weekends enjoying a little freedom.



 A point of view I’m starting to believe more of as I go is that depression and anxiety are symptoms that are part of a built in mechanism in our bodies. Mechanisms that try to motivate us to start engaging more in the life game. Rather than seeing them as such, we’ll attach to them, go into victim mode, and take a medication that will block these feelings. When you’re engaging, creating, and doing things in your life that bring you in the present moment you can’t be depressed. In 3rd world countries you see people with nothing and barely surviving and they’re smiling, dancing, or laughing. They don’t have a lot of these cognitive issues we have here. Even being forced to survive everyday finding food and water keeps them engaged and cherishing being alive.

A Dutchman named Wim Hof, a holder of 26 world records for withstanding freezing temperatures, fell into the deepest depression of his life when his wife (the mother of their 4 children) committed suicide. The only thing that would allow him to not feel that depression was being in freezing conditions because there he was forced to be present. From that, he developed his own breathing technique that allowed his body to stay in the freezing conditions, tapping into his parasympathetic nervous system that regulated his body temperature.

 He now travels the world educating on this breathing technique that shows people how to push past their limitations imposed on their bodies from their minds and that YOU are in control, not the external factors. All of this was born out of stepping into the arena of life to take on that depression and tap into his inner power that we all possess.

 Exposure to your fears can be an incredible form of engaging with life. Sit on the edge of that 50 ft cliff staring down it until the feelings of fear are gone, get on that stage in front of people, go talk to that person you’re afraid to approach, travel to another country, jump into that freezing lake that makes you feel cold but alive AF!!

 My point is to experiment with this, take notes of how you feel when you start engaging and being more active in the world around you. Over time see if you start to feel a higher level of success in different areas of your life. The idea is just start doing not watching. Cherishing the gift of life you've been given and not wasting it. Being open to play the game and seeing where it takes you, enjoying the twists and the turns. Have FUN with it, see if the rewards from the teacher that is life start to pour in with opportunity and synchronicity. ENJOY!

#10: From Anxiety to Tranquility-Taming the Lion

lion tamer.jpg

Ultimately, we as humans are here to evolve, to grow, to expand. That’s the way we are designed, that’s the way nature is designed, always seeking greater expression of life. A little acorn turns into a massive Oak Tree, a completely dependent baby evolves into an independent adult, and hills can turn into mountains over time. In this day in age, we are constantly on a search for happiness and contentment with our lives. We just want to carve out a path of progression, expansion, and move forward in our personal evolution in a way that brings us happiness. It’s our inner nature to do this whether we want to accept it or not, it’s the laws of nature. Life moves forward always.


Things happen in life that can push us off the path we’re trying to follow. You might get an illness, you experience the death of someone important to you, you get addicted to a substance, you find yourself in a financial crisis, or significant relationships fall apart. We can get seriously blown off the path we started on only to find ourselves tangled up in the thorns and vines of confusion, apathy, anger, resentment, blame, or jealousy. We get so tangled up in the “emotional brush” outside of the path that we begin to feel more and more lost. Pretty soon we start to loop thoughts all day in our minds of how lost we are and the things that made us get so lost which then leads to panic. At this point, your mind is no longer your own, it’s been hijacked by a constant stream of worry. I call this the mind running on the Treadmill of Fear (TOF). Thoughts directed towards worry about the future or worried about what happened in the past looping throughout each day. The mind is forced to keep running on the TOF all day with little to no rest.

 When we were kids, our mind was a place of imagination, we saw things around us however we wanted, a pile of building blocks could become King Arthur’s castle. Our minds were these beautiful pristine gardens that we would water everyday through thoughts of joy and inspiration to find the fun in everything. We would focus on the things that made us happy. Our minds were a beautiful place.


Times have changed a lot since being kids, we find ourselves in a fast pace tech driven world where our brains are having to process billions of bits of information per second. We go to school until we are released into the world with little to no knowledge of how our minds work.  We weren’t taught how to mitigate stress, how to water the garden of our minds that once resembled an Edenic paradise like when we were children. We weren't taught how important it is to take care of the mind and how to optimize it. We’re living in a culture that is all about moving a mile a minute, time is money, busy bee mentality, and we’ve become addicted to the fast pace environment. 

It’s a chemical addiction like any other drugs we might get hooked on. The constant adrenaline rush and stress hormones running through the body, the increased heart rate, the frantic thoughts all to keep up with the environment. We can get used to this and then it becomes a familiar state in the body so much so that when we finally find some time to relax and unwind it feels very uncomfortable and we have to get up and go do something...anything to get back to the familiar feelings.


We’re so body focused in today’s world, all these diet/weight loss programs, having a beach body, making the body that everyone can see presentable. We spend a lot of time in the gym to feel comfortable in our own skin. The mind has almost been completely forgotten about. It’s not sexy and people can’t see it externally so we neglect it. The mind, where all of our decisions, choices, and actions in our everyday lives are coming from has been abandoned. This thing is working insanely hard to keep up with all the sensory information bombarding us every moment and we’re not giving it anything back to replenish itself. It would be like if we worked out in the gym all day and then didn’t eat or rest, soon the body would break down. People who experience different forms of anxiety are experiencing a mind that is wild and untamed and it’s absolutely possible for them to regain control and eliminate much of their suffering.


They will take medications to relieve the symptoms of anxiety which feels good to someone who has completely lost grip of their minds. But that is like taking steroids for the body, it may work while you’re on them but the second you stop taking it you go back to how things were and on top of that you may have even more issues from altering your neurochemistry. This is not a long term solution, this is a quick fix that pharmaceutical companies have developed to keep you dependent on them, to keep you a lifetime customer. YOU NEED US! Because the people who realize what has really happened and that they are going to take their lives and minds back into their own hands are no longer customers. Money is lost, profits are not made, and investors are disappointed.



Look I’m not saying these medications are the worst thing, if they help you to do your daily functions that can be a good short term fix but now is a more important time than ever to start taking baby steps towards getting your power back. Bringing your mind back to what it’s really for…imagining beautiful things for your life and getting back on the path of creating intentional happiness. The first step is to acknowledge and decide. Realizing that you have a chemical addiction to feelings of stress. Neural pathways have been allowed to form in the brain that are pathways leading to worry. Now it’s time to regain control and know that it is very much possible, just as possible as you getting back in the gym to get in shape. So knowing this is now a possibility for your life, it now becomes a decision…a commitment. Just as the person who looks in the mirror seeing their overweight body decides this is the day I’m going to start the diet and begin moving my body more. Decide that you will take steps to tame the lion of the mind.


 Take 10 minutes out of your day at any point. Sit down and notice your body. Do a mental body scan releasing any tension from the top of your head slowly all the way down to your toes feeling each part. Your forehead, eyes relaxing ,nose, your jaw loosening, your shoulders dropping back etc…If you feel anxious thoughts coming up just notice them, don’t judge them. The person in the gym doing pushups for the first time in years will experience the mind telling them not to do it and it feels very difficult/uncomfortable…the same happens here with mental work. Overtime you’ll get used to it and it will get easier.


The mind needs to decompress after a long day of working insanely hard just as the body needs rest after working out. The mind gets its rest NOT from watching brain numbing TV packed with sensory overloads, it gets rejuvenation from not being stimulated. Find a quiet place and just relax, listening to some classical music or nature sounds. Or better yet start finding as much time as you can to be out in nature with very little sensory stimulation going on compared to the office or city life.


Why do you think things like Sensory deprivation tanks (float tanks), Yoga, meditation, mindfulness programs, or nature retreats are insanely popular right now? People are starting to wake up and realize how important this is. Silicon valley  CEO’s are taking their employees on hiking trips and bringing meditation coaches into the workplace because they know how important this is and how much more efficient people can be when their brain is taken care of.


Start giving yourself intentional thoughts of love and joy. Thank your heart for working so hard to keep you alive and well. Thank your body for everything it does. Be proud for taking the steps to get control back in your mind and finally doing something about it. Knowing that you’re getting closer to relieving the suffering. Knowing you’ll look back one day and be so happy you gave this gift to yourself. Just as the person who loses 100 pounds and gets the reward of feeling confident in a bathing suit and in themselves. You get to experience inner peace again. You get to start having your mind work FOR YOU again. Instead of the mind being addicted to negative/fearful thoughts it’s now feeding you thoughts that make you FEEL GOOD! Imagine that?


That’s another point to mention, start becoming aware of what you’re feeding your mind on a consistent basis. Are you constantly judging yourself, being hard on yourself, watching drama filled TV, arguing with people, complaining, reading articles that make you upset? Begin filling your consciousness with material that lifts you up. When people give me compliments that make me feel good I will often write them down so I can revisit them later and get that same feeling and reinforcement of myself. If you start recording these things you’ll realize it’s happening way more than you think.



It takes time, work, and commitment to tame this lion. You’re working against years of programming here. The rewards are so vast for this work. You make better choices, your relationships get much better, you feel calm and centered. You notice things around you that you never could see because you were trapped in your head. You smile more, you feel like more of yourself than you ever have and you become more fascinated and interested in life. Track and measure this work just as you would with a diet and exercise program. Be able to see you’re making progress and you’ll notice overtime that it’s working.


This is your life, you deserve the best experience possible and this work is absolutely part of that. You can’t afford to put this off any longer. Life is moving forward, progressing and inviting you to go with it. Transform your wild Lion of a mind into a domesticated house pet that greets you at the door with love every time you come home!

#9: Moving from Victim Mode to Cosmic Superhero

victim mode.jpg

In the world of self development, evolution, and healing, the single most effective mindset at sabotaging lives is one we are all well aware of…the victim mentality. We shift in and out of this mindset throughout our day, some people to varying degrees, some don’t even shift out of it they end up stuck in that for weeks, months, even years. It’s the incessant thoughts of Life-isn’t- fair. The thoughts of, “How could this happen to me,” “I can’t catch a break,” “Of course this would happen, just my luck,” “Does it ever end?” “what did I do to deserve this?” “Can you believe this happened to me?” “It’s because of white privilege,” “My race/gender is being oppressed,” “The system is keeping me down,” “They forgot to put the fries in my happy meal now I have trust issues with everyone,” just to name a few.

If you’re not sure just how often you’re in victim mode, pay more attention to the language you’re using to yourself and others. You’ll hear the above phrases come out of your mouth constantly. Flipping on the victim mode switch in yourself is like putting your phone on airplane mode where no service comes through, you can’t really do anything. Similarly, when we go into victim mode we get no inspiration, creativity, messages, all the functions you need to live an amazing life are shut down.


Just when you thought your inner pity party couldn’t get any more fun, more guests show up and bring their rain clouds with them for all of you to enjoy and talk about how bad life sucks. I don’t know about you but I use to throw these parties all over the place. At one point I thought of quitting my job and becoming a full time host to throw these things in different cities across the country. It feels good honestly, to have people around you that will validate your complaints and then talk about their own, it creates a type of bond. The only problem is that it’s a bond built on a foundation of cotton balls and provides no value to anyone.


It’s like being caught in quicksand and instead of helping, other people jump in there with you to talk about how shitty it is to be stuck in quicksand as you all sink further down while cursing the, “free walkers.” The free walkers who get to stroll easily down the path on the other side of the sandpit with smiles on their face. We even get so stuck that when people throw you a rope and invite you to come join them on the path, you scoff at them and throw the rope right back. You dismiss the rope throwers and stay in the mud with the people who make you sink further.

 The rope throwers are the ones who say things like, “So what?” “What now?” “Where do you go from here?” And instead of REALLY hearing that, your wall goes up and you think, “FUCK THEM!” And you distance yourself from them because they make you feel uncomfortable. These people make you confront your stories head on and challenge you to come out of that mud. But now that it’s become a familiar place you’ve gotten use to, it seems almost normal to be in there.


Victim mode can show up as complaining about your job to your coworkers, coming home to your family every day venting about how much it sucked, or having constant thoughts of how life is beating you down, or me against the world, or everything just seems to be going wrong. Using your language to complain or voice these kinds of things constantly happening to you puts you in a vibrational prison of your own making. Those words carry energy, you continue to reinforce that energy and over time that creates momentum and before long your subconscious (which is in control of up to 95% of your daily function) literally starts looking for evidence in your reality that life isn’t fair and there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s science. You look at and perceive life through victim lenses, you are attracting through your vibrational state more circumstances, people, and events that will give you more of that feeling. When you understand this truth, you realize that your experience of reality is being projected from within and it’s all your creation.


“But I’m a good person, I don’t deserve these bad things, I have a good heart.” I’m sure all of those things are true and really the truth is that you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT you don’t deserve these bad things. The TRUTH IS you deserve the most abundance of joy, love, excitement, passion, wonder, and fulfillment than you could ever imagine. The TRUTH IS you are a multi-dimensional cosmic energy that is made from the same energy that creates stars…planets…GALAXIES. The TRUTH IS you are the co-creator of your experience along with everyone else that has the power in every moment to choose how you respond to the world around you. The TRUTH IS you’re a god damn superhero wearing a Clark Kent skin suit where underneath is Superman/Superwoman.

BUT we choose to relinquish all of that power by allowing ourselves to stay in the victim mindset. We say to the universe, “I’m going to just ignore all of that and keep myself small, limited, and weak,” without even really knowing that’s what we’re proclaiming every day through our thoughts and actions. It’s telling the universe there’s nothing you can do about the circumstances of your life. Proclaiming powerlessness. It’s the magician refusing to use his wand. You're communicating that you don't deserve an amazing life! 



 In every superhero movie, the hero goes through his period of self-loathing, wanting to give up, thinking they’re not enough and the task is too big for them. But then they find it within to pick themselves up and get back out there with more strength than they’ve ever had to save the world. Would ANY of us EVER go to see a movie or read a book where the hero just lays down and lets the villain win? HELL NO! We’d yell at the movie screen demanding a refund. We’d say, “Superman what the hell are you doing? You could save the world; you’re the only one who has the power to make a difference why aren’t you using it!?” Well my friends, that’s exactly how the universe sees us when we choose to lie down and give up all our abilities and decide to stay in that low, disempowered vibration.

Consciously we say, “I would never choose that, why would I do that to myself?” But subconsciously (our belief systems) support the narrative of being a victim because that’s what we’re constantly thinking about and that’s where our energy goes. Rather than channeling that energy to creating something incredible in our lives, we send/direct it to worry, stress, anxiety, and worst of all…FEAR.



You are made from LOVE, why would you ever go against the essence of who you are and choose fear? We have the superpowers of choosing how we show up to anything in life that happens (for us not to us…rewire that circuit). When choosing love over fear you go from, “I lost my job and I don’t know what to do,” to “What a beautiful new chapter that’s about to open up in my life, I can’t wait to experience the amazing path I’m about to go down.” You go from, “My girlfriend/boyfriend left me for someone else,” to “Thank you universe for sending me in a different direction towards an even greater love and appreciation for myself and towards a person that will love me better than I ever thought possible.”  You go from, “Someone smashed my car windows and stole everything in there how could this happen to me?” All the way to, “What an opportunity to practice non-attachment and a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the things I actually do have in my life like my health and an amazing body.” This is available for you to start doing right now, taking your power back, and committing to it every day. Create momentum towards empowerment not towards staying stuck and being small.

Energy flows where attention goes.


The perceived negative situations all happen and express in different ways.  Our brains are a record of the past and draw from the emotions you’ve responded with to those negative experiences in the past. Bringing out your superhero powers happens when you snap out of default mode and consciously choose how you’d like to respond to what shows up. One that allows you to keep your inner peace, one that doesn’t lower your vibration, one that shows the universe that you’re ready to go to the next level and don’t want to be in the quicksand anymore. I’m in control of my vibration, not my environment, not other people, not anything. I do, say, and think things that empower me and I will attract amazing miracles in my life because I’m choosing to hold onto that higher vibe.

#8: Honoring and Loving Yourself

little gravey.JPG

Let me ask you something, when was the last time you really loved and honored yourself? I’m talking intentionally took time to sit down maybe with your favorite coffee or cup of Cacao or whatever beverage you enjoy to REALLY think about how awesome you are? The first thing that comes up for me as I write that is this feeling of, “I should be humble and not brag to myself about myself.” It almost feels weird to do it and I think a little bit of that also comes from a lingering background noise of, “you don’t deserve this praise.” However, when you separate yourself from this and just observe it, you can see it’s an old paradigm (way of thinking). It’s one that would deny you of fully feeling that incredible love and honor for the person you are and everything you’ve gone through. The love that is always available to connect to inside of you because you are made of it.


Our focus has been so conditioned to being hard on ourselves and looking at things we do wrong that it can even be hard to sit down and remember the many amazing things you have done in your life. Why? Because your mind is looking for and paying attention to the things you think you do wrong. We were yelled at by our parents, teachers, coaches as a developing child when you screwed up and the fear of messing up becomes so strong inside of you. The, “I’m not good enough,” conditioning is an illusion that has cemented itself in our neural pathways over time. Once that story became a belief, the belief then told the subconscious mind, “Hey can you please look for more evidence in my reality of me not being good enough or unworthy.” That is the malware that has infected your once beautifully perfect, pristine hard drive. It has us trapped in our mind and so far away from the heart and the real truth.

  I mean this with every ounce of my being, from every cell within me when I say… “YOU ARE SO AMAZINGLY FUCKING PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT.” Read that again and really feel the energy of it. I don’t care how much you regret past choices you’ve made, what you have done to hurt others or yourself, missed opportunities, failed relationships or failure in any capacity for that matter. Those choices were made from a wounded, distorted place reflecting your level of consciousness at the time. Inner turmoil or pain expressing itself outwardly.

Every one of those mistakes and every choice you might hate yourself for…have all been instruments that led to your growth, to your enlightenment, your evolution in some way shape or form. Sometimes you have to beat your head against the door 99 times and then finally that 100th time you reach the threshold and realize, “Oh I get it now, why the hell did I have to go through that so many times to get this moment of clarity?” Because that’s exactly what you needed to get to the next level, you may not have consciously recognized it but your soul knew, “OK she allowed herself to really go deep in this pain, to learn this lesson fully so that it will strengthen her resolve and raise her awareness…the 99 head bangs against the door was exactly what the doctor ordered.”


We can all look back on our journey and see that the most difficult times in our lives ended up being some of our greatest teachers providing some of the most profound understandings. The choices you hate and beat yourself up for were only coming from a place of fear, deep wounds, lack of understanding, programs put into you by the pain of others. It is and always will be part of your journey to fuck up. We play video games where your avatar will be on a certain level that you have a really difficult time getting past. Your character dies and dies again until there’s finally a break through, you learn and do something just a little bit different then you’re clear to go on to the next level. That 100th head bang against the door finally gets you through. To me that’s such an accurate representation of life. We’re trying to get to the next level but keep doing the same things over and over not approaching it any differently.


“For a long time I was stuck on the level of not truly seeing the beauty and perfection in myself. I’d look at the mirror everyday and absolutely hate what I saw, completely repulsed at the image looking back. Years and years of being stuck on this level; every level has a monster at the end that tries to not let you get to the next one and for me that was the MIRROR. Like Bowser at the end of Mario, the mirror would deny me over and over of getting to the sacred temple of self-love. With every glance I’d have the same reaction and feelings over and over. Brushing my teeth became a battle where I’d just stare at the sink in fear.

This occurred all through my teenage years and early 20’s until one day I looked in the mirror and tears welled up in my eyes. I felt my heart expanding and emotions pouring out. I finally saw the real beauty. All I needed was just a glimpse. I saw the divine creation that had been desperately trying to get my attention for years. It was the cheat code that would have allowed me to beat that level years before if I hadn’t been so stuck in my head and out of my heart. I hugged myself and wept heavy tears of joy because I knew no matter what happened in the future, I know the truth and it’s always in there despite whatever it might get covered by in life. I looked into a beautifully colored Iris seeing the universe, the sperm cell that turned into this body that boldly ventured out into the world to experience and evolve. I saw the brave child who knowingly took a step into a world full of fear, hate, separation, confusion, and manipulation in order to become who he came to be. To create the world he wanted.


Loving yourself is fully trusting and having faith that YOU have whatever it takes to see the blessing in every situation and use it to better your experience. You walk right into the unknown with a smile knowing that everything is happening for you not to you.    

 You have so much credit to give yourself, so many wonderful times you’ve showed up and been a light to someone in the dark. You’ve radiated in a way that lifted someone else up, you’ve made someone’s entire day before, you’ve created something that touched someone that you may never even know about. Honor yourself with thoughts of love and appreciation for all you’ve been through and surviving it. The world tends to see you how you see yourself. You owe it to yourself to make it a practice of honoring your being. Have days where you disconnect from everything and go for a hike, eat your favorite meal, get a massage, write down all of the qualities you love about yourself and even if it’s just 1 or 2 things put your focus on them and nothing else. You have AMAZING experiences waiting for you on the next level. If you feel stuck, lost, thinking you can’t get out…breathe deeply and feel the love in your heart, get yourself out of your mind and remember who you are and what you’ve overcome this far.

#7: The Year of Calling Forth 2018

Podcast pic.jpg

2018...It's one of the first few times I've written that so far in this new year and I forget it's always a little bit weird. I feel my conditioned brain almost cause me to jot down 2017. As I go on in life I realize more and more that it really doesn't matter what year it is. We place so much importance on that when underneath it all it's just objects (us) moving through space and we invented some way of trying to measure that. My mind got a little bent when I first heard that, kind of like seeing tree branches blowing in the wind, are you seeing the branches or the wind? It's funny how Just a little shift in perspective can make you see things so differently.

 Anyways, it feels like I've been so programmed to obsess over time which has caused me to really lose sight of the only aspect that really matters at all, this very moment...ohhh there it goes! But it really does make it hard to appreciate right now living moment to moment with this conditioning of time, we're always thinking of our schedules, what times this what times that. So little of our conscious attention goes to the moment that's unfolding right in front of us. What I'm doing, what I'm creating, how I'm showing up in each moment should be my real underlying focus. I'm slowly re-conditioning myself towards that but GOD DAMN it's a lot of hard-wiring to unravel, very strong neural pathways to upheave to really stay present to the presence that is presented as a present. 

 I started thinking, like many of us do, about things we want to create in the, "new year." These new string of moments before us that will add up to 365 calendar days. It hit me how this way of thinking has been really fucking things up for me and is in a lot of ways perpetuating the difficulty of accomplishing new goals, separating me from the things I wanted even further. 

 Over the years I've been a huge student of the Law of Attraction and manifesting. I know many of us have watched the movie or read the book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. There are seeds of good stuff in there but to me it's a fluffy mystical pillow in the world of manifesting or bringing ideas from non form to physical. I've written a few other articles on my blog about this stuff so I won't dive into that now but the point I wanted to share with you is this; I realized for a long time I've been thinking about and focusing on what I want. Travel, a nice house, a successful business, a beautiful Yurgt in my backyard for meditation&ceremony, amazing relationships, financial freedom,being amazing at guitar, more love, more excitement, and the list goes on. 


Thinking about these things I feel I don't have yet creates inherently that feeling of lack inside of me. "Oh I wish I had these things but I don't yet hopefully one day I will." In a universe of energy, electricity, and magnetics these feelings create a charge, an energetic and electrical charge that is being broadcasted daily which in turn is signaling to the field of energy all around me a message saying, "I want things, I'm focusing on creating this feeling of want because clearly I want more feelings of want." The field of energy receives this and responds with that same energy I'm putting out...giving me more things to want that I don't yet have!! Shiiit I've been doing this for a while. I can already hear the mind saying, "You can't just conjure up the feeling of having something you don't have you'd be lying to yourself." I know because that's the first thing my brain says to me.

The way I've been able to get around that is to instead believe with daily reinforcement that these things I want are on the way and the stronger I can make that belief and hold onto that faith the faster it will show up. Not by sitting there impatiently wondering why it hasn't showed up yet but knowing it will come when I am ready and often that's not when we're expecting it which can be hard to swallow for some. 


I'm a huge fan of the I AM affirmations, there are lots of good youtube videos on those. I AM is a statement, a declaration saying what you already are and already have. I was just in the beautiful sacred country of Guatemala on a Yoga/Plant Medicine retreat and the guy playing the Indian Flute in our ceremony said something in one of our share circles I thought was epic. Paraphrasing slightly here but it was something like, "We start off as these perfectly clear mirrors of life, mirrors that reflect to everyone and everything our perfection, the beauty of creation. Then we start to grow up and our mirrors get covered in shit, shit from our families, our environments, governments, media, and authority figures. We forget how beautiful our mirrors were and how everything we ever needed or wanted was already there in that perfect reflection. The spiritual path is clearing off all the shit and having that clean mirror again to reflect back to everyone." 


I've come to realize in my own experience that so much of what I want or perceive as lacking the tools to get those things is already inside of me waiting to be discovered again. I lost my awareness of that, they are like a buried treasure that your soul is trying to give you the map for. The urge to go find that buried treasure, you have those wants because they are YOU, they come from you. One new practice I really want to bring into this year is the practice of "Calling forth," making a declaration, sending a signal that says I know your in there and I'm ready for it to come to the surface. I'm ready to be the person that will ALLOW myself to have all these things I desire. I will get out of my own way and clear the path for those qualities of being to emerge.

 I wanted to share some of my own personal ones from my journal for this year so you get an idea of what I mean and maybe you can make it a practice of your own to create the best moments of your life from this moment forward. CLAIM it, OWN it, BE it...


-I call forth a new way of seeing the world, a new way of being, thinking, and acting that leads to the best possible journey I can have.

 -I call forth my highest potential within to express itself outwardly into this world. My most healthy, strong, flexible body. My most radiant outgoing personality engaging the environment all around me. My highest inspiration to drive me forward to creating beauty from the depths of my heart. 

 -I call forth the magic of higher awareness, that I see clearly and fully my path ahead and follow it with all my heart and soul. That I may see clearly the old programs, thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that no longer serve me. I release them with love into the earth. That I become aware of when I am reacting and using old templates of behaving instead creating new responses leading to new outcomes.

 -I call forth my compassion and kindness to its fullest expression, seeing the best in others, complimenting & acknowledging beauty in everyone, making people feel worthy and loved. Especially to those who set off my old triggers, to be aware and send them as much love as I can. I stay calm even in the worst traffic because that is my choice of how I want to experience those moments. 

 -I call forth the clarity of seeing the beauty and abundance of the earth all around me. I am guided, I am cared for and I am lead down the perfect path towards the most happiness and fulfillment. 

 -I call forth my high vibrational energy to radiate and shine outwards to everyone else, making smiling my default even in hard times with the strength to see them as a gift/blessing to me to learn and grow.

 -I call forth the most fun, the most joy, the most excitement I can possibly experience in this life.

 -I call forth my inner most gratitude, to always remember how blessed I am to the earth for allowing me to have this experience, to the people who love and support me, to the lessons I've learned, the food and water that is always available to me any time I need. To live in a constant state of gratitude for everything I have in my life.

#6: Your Choice and your Own Personal Amazon

amazon blog.jpg

This morning I woke up, I put on my shoes and ran out the door to start the day. Not ideal but it’s what I did, I faced some frustration in a number of ways and found myself not very happy about my choices as I was stuck in traffic. Afterwards, I returned home and did a quick meditation because my mind was racing and the thoughts were just spiraling out of control.

During this quick meditation a powerful realization came through which is one of the wonderful things that can happen when you slow down your brain waves and your inner guidance can come through and communicate to you. You’re, “tuned in,” to the right frequency aka you’ve dialed into the correct radio station that your guidance is being broadcasted on 24 hours a day whether or not your dialing into that or 94.5 listening to 90’s hip hop.

 About 5 minutes into the mediation I started to feel the energy around me as I normally do when I start to slow things down but then I started to think about the way I felt stuck in traffic and not starting my day in the best way. I realized that surrounding me in this meditation was an unlimited field of potentiality. An unlimited catalogue of feelings there for me to choose from in the energy all around me. Picture Amazon but with FEELINGS instead of PRODUCTS, they are all free AND get shipped directly to you… not same day but same SECOND. Surrounding us all day long is this invisible field with all choices of all feelings available to us and part of our mission in really stepping into our power is realizing this and knowing that we can choose any feelings at any given time that we want to experience.

 I can already hear people saying, (and I know this because my mind goes there too) “Well sometimes you can’t help but feel a certain way if this this and this happens,” and if that’s the way you think than yes that is absolutely true. However I feel it is far more liberating and empowering to get to know and understand that it is all COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE. If someone steps on your toes at work, you get cut off by a Prius on the road, or somebody you care about lets you down, it’s then your choice to either attach yourself to the feeling that resulted from it or not. We can’t control the feelings that come to us when certain things happen in our life experience but we can absolutely decide if we want to either attach ourselves to those feelings OR become aware of them and then choose to feel something different.


Thoughts lead to more of the same thoughts which lead to more of that same emotion created by the thought. I literally said out loud in my car this morning when I got hit with very frustrated feelings, “No no no, I see you frustration and anger I acknowledge you but I am choosing to experience joy in this moment, I choose to feel happy, to feel love, to feel grateful to be alive and healthy on this amazing planet that gives me everything and allows me to experience this life.” Saying those thoughts out loud created a whole new scenario. I started thinking good thoughts again and I laughed at myself for being all pissy and slapping my steering wheel. The feeling was transformed to something that I CHOSE rather than allowing my environment to do that for me.

 This infinite gallery of feelings for us to choose is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week we just need to become aware of it and start to utilize it! Your head will tell you that this is not a thing and don’t buy into it or it’s hard to just change your feelings. That right there is old outdated software running in your operating system that no longer needs to be there. It’s an outdated software…old conditioning of your psyche that keeps you limited and keeps you in victim mode thinking, “Oh this person made me feel this way it’s their fault.” True it might be their fault for initially giving you that feeling but it then becomes entirely your fault if you keep choosing to attach yourself to it and not release it or intend on feeling different.

 It can be as simple as stopping your cycle of thoughts in the moment by choosing happiness and putting on a good song, smiling, watching something funny, looking at a picture that brings you joy ( I carry around pictures of good moments in my life, my family, or me as a child) to stimulate good emotions and remind myself to not ALLOW myself to suffer needlessly. I heard a great quote on a podcast recently the guy said, “no one ever drowned by falling in the water, they only drowned because they stayed in there.” That is so true of our thoughts! We either stay and drown in the quicksand of negative thoughts which drags us farther under the more we resist and fight ORRR we can pull ourselves out by choosing something different and letting go of it.

Another cool concept I heard recently from Dr. Joe Dispenza (one of my favorites) was talking about how a Wildebeest in the Serengeti gets chased by a lion and runs for its life coming within inches of being devoured to pieces. Shortly after he makes his escape you’ll catch him grazing along the plain all willy-nilly eating grass and completely letting go of the fact he was almost just torn to shreds. It would serve us to become more like the wildebeest. For some reason we love to hold onto stress and replay it in our minds over and over and then even talking to other people about it!! I think that is mostly because we're not aware we're doing it.  The animals in nature have so much to teach us.

One of the things that makes us different from animals is our ability to think and reason, this is a gift in many ways BUT it also allows for us to loop those stress thoughts all day long and stay in that suffering needlessly when the animals don’t have that option they just go right back to what they know. The more we can use the GIFT of thought responsibly we can take away so much of the pain we experience. A car is a gift, a vehicle that gives us the freedom to go where we want when we want. We take care of it and drive it responsibly. If we didn't drive responsibly we'd get in accidents, damage property, and hurt other people and the consequences wouldn't be good.

The same is true with using our minds. If we don't see it as the incredible gift that it is and don't use it responsibly the results are suffering and negative experiences and feelings.  We can let go of the resistance that will try to tell you none of this is true and to not buy into it. The fact is it IS TRUE and the infinite catalog will always be available to you but it’s your choice to use it consciously or not. When Holiday “stress” arrives at your door this Christmas in whatever form, what will you choose? To let it take over or to laugh at it and choose something different? IT’S ALL UP TO YOU!

#5: Lives of Quiet Desperation and Knowing your Dragon

henry thoreau.jpg

I’ve seen this phrase come up a few times in recent months and I tend to pay more attention to things that keep poking their head into my reality. Life likes to give us little hints, little clues & signals to help us along the way if we stay present and open to receiving them. In my experience it can show up as a pattern of what constantly comes up in conversations with people, certain phrases continuously show up, animals appear(particularly birds) directly into your awareness, a picture or image that catches your attention that seems random but at the time it weirdly makes sense.


“The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation,” This line comes from Henry David Thoreau and was one of his famous philosophies from when he was living in the woods contemplating life. This quote spoke to me very loudly. It provoked me to really look at my own life and how I was living. Sure enough I realized, Holy shit! I was one of those men Thoreau spoke of, I was living in quiet desperation seemingly all good on the outside and having it together but on the inside I was unfulfilled and yearning for more. I had a good paying job, plenty of friends and a social life, I would take a few trips throughout the year but I still felt empty.

One very effective way to get me through that painful feeling was the notion of everything was starting to change and then I would see someone on the internet doing something similar to what I’d like to be doing and I’d think, “Oh I’ll have that one day.” I would picture myself in this fantasy of living a certain lifestyle but really I was just dangling the carrot in front of my face without ever actually getting closer to it in reality. It was way easier for me to fantasize and avoid that feeling of emptiness rather than being stressed out because I’m not living up to my highest values.


Sometimes I would sit down and tell myself I was going to create a road map and put a plan in place but then I’d feel overwhelmed and not know where to start so I’d find something to distract me like watching a movie, reading new material, or going out with a friend. When I really sat down and looked at this happening in my life I realized I’d been doing it for a while. Whenever the painful feelings would come up of not doing what I truly wanted I would remedy that with the fantasy of where I was going and the life I would have without actually taking the steps to get there.

SIDE NOTE**It is great to visualize the life of your dreams but I was using that ONLY as a protection mechanism in order to escape feelings of inadequacy. I wasn’t supplementing that with any plan of action or making measureable progress. I was still in the exact same scenario as the year before and had done little to change that. Some people have fantasies like that, some people use drugs or alcohol to drown that inner voice, some fill up their calendar with social engagements, there’s all sorts of ways to avoid the void and I have tried many of them successfully.


Social media to me really reflects this nowadays where people are projecting this life that they know isn’t really what it looks like to people observing it. Other people then see that and try to project the same thing to make their lives feel more meaningful and happy. A vicious circle of in-authenticity ensues and then spreads like a virus. I am so guilty of this and I know many of us are whether we want to admit it or not. But behind the posts and the pictures and the videos… there sits the empty vessel still wanting more and knowing that they’re pretending more than anything. Now, are there people out there living a lifestyle that’s fulfilling and they‘re loving every second of it? Sure, but I think that’s a way smaller number of people compared to the pretenders. I was a pretender and still am in a lot of ways but the first step in really getting your power back is admitting that’s happening. Not judging yourself, not labeling yourself a failure over it, not thinking you haven’t done enough! No, I’m talking about having a loving and honest conversation with YOU.

Asking questions like, “Am I really moving closer to a life of my design? Or am I in the same place as last year just hoping things will change on their own because I don’t really know where to start? What can I do differently than yesterday to get some momentum going in my life? I absolutely know that I don’t want to ride on this complacent merry go round anymore.” “I’m thankful to have this realization in my life and I honor myself for having the courage to press forward.” “Because I truly love me, I’m going to take charge of my life and take actions that bring me happiness and feelings of momentum.” “I deserve to feel good, because I love myself so much I’m going to put my focus into all things that make me feel good and I will not let old thoughts and behaviors sabotage that love for me.”


You start to realize time is passing you by and the void inside just keeps growing. It’s the feeling of emptiness that you won’t tell anyone about, even the ones you love because that is the ultimate vulnerability. Admitting your weakness when people perceive you as strong and having a good head on your shoulders. Your projection of a balanced and stable outside is growing increasingly incongruent with what’s happening internally (the quiet desperation). If you were to look at the QD as this big Dragon that’s been torturing you with fires of complacency and guilt for not living up to your potential, I think a powerful step is to acknowledge it and then re-frame it. Re-frame it not as an enemy you’re constantly battling with but as your ally who is actually trying to push you towards your purpose and the life you came here to create. Re-frame it as a parent who’s just taken the training wheels off and put you into a position to either get hurt and fall off the bicycle or thrive. The floaties are off and it’s time to sink or swim. But this dragon can only communicate through feelings and since you have ignored the soft tones of encouragement for years now it’s unleashing its strongest flames to get you to finally take that leap of faith and ride without those training wheels or without Dad holding onto you safely.  


I believe we all have a purpose we were born with and we possess a unique set of skills and qualities that will help us achieve that. When we are in more alignment with that path we tend to feel good (also clues from the universe). Little indicators you’re moving in the right direction just like that game we played as kids where as you get close to what you’re looking for the other person say’s “warmer” and if you go further away they say “colder.” Good feelings are us getting warmer to what resonates the most within us. When momentum is created  we have a sense we are on a mission and we wake up more inspired each day to take more steps closer. Even as I’m writing this I feel as though I am making progress because I have a high value on writing and expressing my true self and sharing that with people.


I think it’s important to sit with the Dragon, get to know it and try to understand what it’s trying to get across to you. I found that for me I was feeling really low about myself for a long time because I was filling my day with things that just weren’t that important to me because I was delaying the work I knew I needed to do and not listening to the inner voice made me feel guilty that I hadn’t been doing what I knew I needed to. It was much easier to distract myself and do other things so I didn’t have to deal with that uncomfortable feeling. Since I’ve started to reframe how I look at it, when the feeling comes up I am more apt to embrace it like a friend that knows I have more inside of me and I can do better. I’m grateful that he’s there to give me that. We don’t like when people make us feel uncomfortable and call us out on our shit but really those people/inner feelings play the most effective roles in our lives. They help get us to really change. They give us the energy to move outside of our everyday patterns and to finally take notice.  Surrounding yourself with a bunch of agree’ers and obligers won’t get you anywhere. 


People will say, “I get those feelings but I don’t know what to do about them, I haven’t identified what lights me up in life yet.” I think to find that you look at what energizes you the most. Sometimes I see people absolutely LIGHT UP when they talk about comic books, movies, tv shows, stories they’ve read. It seems that there’s an emotional signature to what is really important to you by how you feel when you’re talking about it. I could stay up all night talking to people about human potential, law of attraction, ancient history, sports/fitness, philosophy because those things are in my DNA, time flies by when I have a good conversation with someone about those subjects. I had a 6 hour drive with a good friend of mine where we talked about consciousness and the struggles we’ve had in life and different lessons we’ve learned and it literally felt like we were in the car for 25 minutes.  We were blown away when we realized we had almost reached our destination.


Another powerful tool to use is remembering what you were really into as a child. I loooved being outside and going on hikes and climbing trees.  I loved being in front of people and making them laugh during skits in middle school and I would always be excited for the parts of the skit that I knew were going to get laughs. I’ve since then reconnected with that side and started doing stand-up comedy, public speaking, big hikes, camping and having a blast doing that. These are the little indicators of who your true self is and what makes you happy and really be in the moment. These are the things you want to pay attention to and reconnect with and I think you’ll be surprised to see where they bring you.

What did you do for fun as a child? What were your early interests and activities that brought you joy when you were little? Connecting with your inner child=discovering more clues to your puzzle!